Writing, research and in the groove; Photography, more flowers; Expat Life, visit back home; Friends and Family

WhiteIt’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. I run into times when I just don’t feel like I have anything new to say on this blog, so, I postpone writing it for a week hoping that there’ll be a little more to share with you.

Work on the new book is going at a snail’s pace. I’ve edited the first four chapters several times and have added aWhite Rose 2 thousand words to chapter five. The delays are mostly caused by my inability to set myself down at the keyboard and not get up until I have performed a satisfactory amount of writing. Research is the second largest cause of delays. The archaeological past of Peru is so fascinating that I get pulled into the legends, stories, and myths of its past so deep that I White Floweroccasionally forget why I’m reading the material. That pulls me into areas which have nothing to do with the book I am working on now.

I’m also having a hard time deciding which of the treasures/legends I want to pursue. That prevents me from getting into my groove. One of them will takeTwo colors the detective into another country, Ecuador instead of having the entire story take place in Peru. Obviously, I need to make a decision about this soon. The story has reached the point where they are making the discovery and I will need to structure the murder and following sequences around that. Wish me luck.

My photography has slowed down also. I’ve made it out for a few shots on the park but not much else. I can only blame laziness on this inaction on my part. I try to Pink Rose 2justify it by blaming Lima’s eternal cloud cover (winter months only) and that the light isn’t good, sad, I know. So, I promise you and myself that I will make a stronger effort to get out this week with both my camera and my phone for some new and exciting photos.

The most exciting time for this expat, is the month each year that I return to the USA to visit family and friends. It’s even more exciting for me this year since I was unable to make it home last year. Normally I Orange Rose 2choose October, it is my favorite time of year in Southern Illinois. This year though, Southern Illinois and Carbondale in particular, will experience one of my bucket list goals. There will be a full eclipse of the sun on August 21st and Carbondale is dead center in its path. My friends have glasses already and we plan on having a small gathering of friends to enjoy the sight. I naturally, hope to get some photos of this incredible event. Even more amazing, Carbondale will experience another full eclipse in August 2024. I can’t imagine how rare that must be.

MulticoloredI had cocktails with Mona and Kelly a couple of Fridays ago. Fun times as always. Last weekend they were in Mississippi for a wedding so I’m looking forward to hearing about that this coming Friday. Last Saturday Larry and I met up with our old editor, Ben Jonjak, from living in Peru and a friend of his, Vincent Trufano, for our normal coffee and chat. Dario, Mahlon, and Carlo were missing for various reasons. We talked a lot of politics and writing since all four of us have books out and are presently working on new projects. It was a good time and I think Vincent will be joining us for more while he is in Peru. Ben and family are Gold and burnished brownhere on vacation and will be leaving at the end of August I believe. Kathy, plus Bob and Silvia are in the US for assorted reasons. Jamie and Ada are still pursuing their dreams. Steve has decided to skip a semester at the university. A decision I think he will end up regretting but the reasons are good. Otherwise, all others seem to be having a blast and are living their lives as full as possible.

And that my friends, brings another post to an end. All of you, get up and get out. I will keep hammering this into your psyches. Add some creative endeavors to that, expand the limits of you mind. Have a great week everyone. Acually, more than that, I will be leaving for the US on August 9th and posts to this blog will be intermittent depending on how much I have to share.


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