Writing, starting again and a new book; Photography, finally a walk; Expat Life, a movie and cable TV; Friends and Family

The neighborhoodAfter reveling in the success for a whole day after getting the Bone Gap book finished and published, I started work on a new one. As I mentioned in my last post, it will be a return to my Peruvian detective, Major Tük´ü Rodriguez who will be called to Cusco and Machu Pichu to solve the murder of a prominent American archaeologist and recover a priceless archaeological find.My pet

I’ve already had to jump into the research aspect of the novel and look into the legend of Atahuapa’s lost god; the stolen artifact will relate to that. A huge quantity of gold, silver and jewels were collected in the northern part of the Yellow Rose Close upempire and meant to ensure his release from the Spanish after his capture. The Incan General Humiñanui, in transit with the treasure, heard of Atahualpa’s murder and decided to hide the enormous fortune. He went on to lose in the battlefield against the Spanish but never revealed the hiding place. Reportedly, the treasure has been found and lost again at least three times and at least ten othersYellow Flower have died looking for it. All this along with the murder should provide some good reading for those interested in this type of novel.

I’ve made it out for a couple of photo walks, flowers mostly, but haven’t really had a chance to play around with any studio work. I saw a challenge on one of my social media sites asking people to expand their photography into the Wrong Filter 3abstract realm. I think I’d like to give that a try, see if I can come up with some new original ideas that haven’t been tried by the other photographers that submitted works to the challenge. I really enjoyed the B&W challenge I recently participated in and may try to expand my work in that area to include more works.

My life here in Peru always presents its challenges. Recently, Steve, Paul, and I went to Wrong filter 1see the new Spiderman movie at one of the local theater chains. Peruvians, as I have mentioned in the past, are relatively short in stature compared to we Gringos. Theater seats are built to accommodate that general height range of 5’4” – 5’11”. I, being 6´4”, have a problem squeezing myself into those. As a result, I prefer to go to the movies in the early afternoon when the theaters are nearly empty so I can spread out a little. This time we went to the “very” late show (it started at 11:30pm) and although getting home from the Orange Rosemovies at 2:30am doesn’t make for a good day, I discovered few people enjoy going to the movies that late. This problem with seats extends into other areas here also, i.e. public transportation. So, tall people of the world, be prepared when you move to or visit another country to cram yourself into small places.

Friday evening cocktails with Mona and KellyHibiscus was so much fun last week that it lasted far longer than normal. It was a good time though, lots of laughs and good conversation. Saturday coffee and chat with Dario, Larry, and Mahlon delved into all sorts of areas. I taught them the concept of the Mind Palace to improve memory. A technique that started with the ancient Greeks. Look it up, it actually works. Sunday morning coffee with Kathy was postponed till Wednesday but we still had a great time. I talked with my sister, Rita, this past week. It was great catching up on all her travels and how the family was doing. I’m so looking forward to getting back to Southern Illinois for a visit.

Fire RoseLastly, I want to ask all who read this to send positive thought into the Universe for my friend Dale. He and his partner were on a cruise in the Mediterranean when he had a heart attack. He’s now in a poorly equipped and staffed hospital in Koto, Montenegro. Although he appears to be recovering, they can’tCacti treat him at the level he needs. I am hoping that he recovers soon to the point where they can return home to finish whatever treatments he needs for a dull recovery.

Need I tell you once again how important it is to stay in shape and to do everything possible to keep body and mind as sharp as possible. Get up, get out – the use it or lose it motto should be something we all adhere to. Love you all and have a great week.


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