Writing, published and starting on the next one; Photography, back to the flowers; Expat Life; Friends and Family

19821083_1284256871672307_427625062_oA lot has happened on the writing scene for me in the past week. My book, “Bone Gap Road,” has been published and is available on Amazon for the Kindle or Kindle Reader and in print. Simply click on the book title for the link to purchase it in either form. I’m very happy with the final product although much like all novels, I’m sure that not every tiny mistake may have been caught before publishing. I reveled in my accomplishment for a whole day but now it’s time to start a new project.

My next book, tentatively titled “Inca Gold,” will be a return to Park 1my Peruvian detective. It will take place in and around Cusco and Machu Pichu, involve the murder of a prominent archaeologist, and include an archaeological mystery to boot. I have a few chapters written already and am excited to dive back into the research involved in creating this new book.

Reed Boats in HuanchacoI finished off the B&W challenge from my friend and have returned to flower photos once again. My latest small project resulted in me taking photos in a small local flower shop a few blocks from my house. The owners were happy to oblige me for the increased exposure it will provide to the store. Some of those are included in this post as well, with some taken in a park, and a couple more of the B&Ws from last week. I hope you enjoy them.

Life in Lima is nothing if not exciting. We had another strong shake this past week whichPast Prime sent us scrambling to keep the TVs from walking off their tables. Fortunately, it was quick and a single event of 4.7 according to “earthquake track.” Still, regardless of its rating, it was the strongest I’ve felt since being here. But, it’s just one of those things those of us who live in Peru have to deal with. We live atop a very active quake zone.

Flowershop 3This past week I made a trip into Miraflores to purchase a supply of labels. The kind you print addresses on for envelopes. In the past, they had a nice supply there that fit the style I used in the USA. Now, their supply comes from a company called Pegafan and they are manufactured here in Peru. I’ve been unable to custom design a label for the new dimensions on MS Publisher. Looks like I’ll be hand labeling a few this year. Flowershop 2I hope the post office can read my hand writing. It’s the small things that get you sometimes. I’ll be buying a supply of labels in the US this year to bring back with me.

It was a nice week again for meeting up with my friends. Cocktails on the patio with Mona and Kelly was nice until they were driven inside by a sudden rain shower. It caused a break Flowershop 1in our eclectic conversation but we quickly resumed the fun after they settled in in their dining room. Then on Saturday I met up with some of the guys at Haiti, a restaurant in Miraflores, for our weekly coffee and chat. Mahlon was preparing for his birthday party and Carlo is still in the USA so they were unable to join Dario, Larry, Bob, and myself for the fun. On Sunday, Kathy and I finally got to catch up on all the stuff going on with us. GargoyleWe met at a new place here in La Molina called “Di.” It’s a very nice restaurant ran by the university (USIL) here. It is apparently where students from their culinary school sharpen their skills. The food was excellent and they had “large” cups of coffee. Kathy and Bob will both be returning to the US a week or so before me. Everyone else is fine as far as I know.

Well that brings to a close another of my exciting missives. I hope all of you have been active both mentally and physically. Remember, use it or lose it. Get up, get out, even for the briefest of moments. You won’t regret it. Till next time, have a great week everyone.


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