Writing, edits finished, book cover, and conversion; Photography, the challenges; Expat Life, celebrating the 4th; Friends and Family

19821083_1284256871672307_427625062_oSurprise, surprise, I’ve actually written up a post and put it on the web page on schedule. It has been a good week since my last post. I’ve finished putting all the edits into the fourth draft and am now in the process of converting the manuscript to fit the requirements for publishing on Kindle and in print for Amazon. With any luck at all, Bone Gap Road, should be available for purchase sometime next week. It is a Sherlockian type murderFisherman's Pier Huanchaco mystery with clues throughout to help the reader figure out who the killer is along with my sheriff. It takes place in the 1890s in Edwards County in Southern Illinois. Writing a fictional novel staying as close to historical fact in the background as possible proved very challenging. I hope I did it justice.

Peeking out the doorWith the help of a friend and my sister, I also have the book cover ready. I’ve posted it in this missive and will appreciate any comments you al might want to leave.

Photography was fun this past week. A good friend Barn and Silochallenged me to post one of my black and white photos for seven days in a row. It was interesting to go back through my archives and find ones that would be suitable for this challenge. I’ve placed those in this post for your viewing pleasure along with a few others I’ve taken in the past week. I enjoy these types of challenges, they encourage creativity and in some case actually get you up off the couch and out in the field with your camera.

20170702_130022The highlight of my life as an expat this past week was the celebration of the July 4th holiday at a fellow expat’s home here in Lima. The couple, Bob and Silvia Lowry, are the most amazing hosts and went to a lot of trouble decorating and staying in theme for the party. They supplied the meat, hamburgers and chorizos, and the guests brought side dishes suitable for the20170702_160748 occasion. The bounty of food left everyone with full stomachs and big smiles as music from the 50s to the 70s filled the air. The only thing missing was the fireworks display associated with the event.

Thanks to the party, I got to visit and chat with a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Ada and Jamie, 20170702_160556are doing great, Jo Self and Carlos attend with their son dressed as Capt. America. Carlos and Marriella came. Günter, Dario, Mahlon, Larry, and Paul were also in attendance as well as Owen, Andrew, Chris and many others. I got to share a lot of hugs and cheek kissesTools which always elevates my endorphins. Missed due to their return to South Africa were Natalie, Azaad, and their daughter Nadia. We are all hoping that they come back for a visit someday. In the meantime, Facebook will have to do.

That’s it for this post, a short one for a change. I hope you have all been getting up and getting out for a little exercise and fresh air. Then, I’m sure you all picked up a good book to expand your mind and delved into a creative effort or two. Keep yourself sharp, if you don’t use it – you will lose it.


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