Writing, the last edit; Photography, time to get out again; Expat Life in Peru, Winter clouds; Friends and Family

Big BouquetOnce again, I must apologize for another late post. I was all set to write one up last week and something distracted me. As a result, I didn’t realize I had forgotten to write it till my friends reminded me that I hadn’t posted my weekly missive.

I’ve finally recovered fully from the cold and have been White Hibiscusable to get back to work on the book. I finished the third draft edits suggested by my friend and editor, Amanda. I have reprinted it, gone through for another read and one last edit, and am now in the process of making those changes to a fourth and final draft. As of this writing I have inserted the new edits to about 40% of the book. I’m hoping to get it finished and begin the publishing process Two redsby the beginning of next week. If that goes well, the new “Bone Gap Road” book will be available for Kindle and in print on Amazon before I return for a visit to the USA on the 10th of August. I think this is some of my best writing to date and my primary readers have told me it’s a great story. The last thing I need to get done is a great design for the book cover.

I haven’t really been out with the camera since my friends returned to the US. That’s another project I willThe star need to get done in the next few days. I would really like to work on another studio project but I need to find some interesting subjects to work with, living or inanimate. Although most of the work I do is in color, I would like to delve into the B&W realm for a bit more than I usually do. I think I personally prefer viewing black Table Bouguetand white photos over color. Don’t get me wrong, I love both but generally speaking in a contest, I will prefer work done in B&W.

One of the many consideration of being an expat is renting or buying your residence. Obviously, this decision shouldn’t be made until you have firmly decided on whether you are going to live in the countrySunshine long term or not. Both choices have pros and cons and after living in Peru for eight years now, I am at a crossroads on this decision. The apartment I am living in now, actually all of them (5), is beautiful and situated perfectly to fit my needs. The problem is, rent is going up here in Lima and I am now Rose and budspaying well over what I had budgeted in my move here. I’ve been lucky with neighbors during this process also. I’ve heard horror stories about all night parties from people living near some of my friends. Then, you never know about the landlord, another area where I’ve been lucky. But I have heard some horror stories from people about getting deposits back.

Sale prices for property here in Lima seem to have stabilized though and even dropped aPink Rose bit. So, we are considering purchasing a small home on which we can add apartments or bedrooms to rent out for extra income on top of the house. Not that we are excluding the purchase of an apartment, we have it in mind to buy a couple Colors 1and rent one for the income as an alternative. We have a year to consider all this and come up with a good plan that will proved income beyond my retirement funds.

I finally made it to a Saturday morning coffee and chat with the guys (Dario, Larry, Mahlon, and Bob). Only Carlo was missing as he is in the USA for a summer teaching job. It was great seeing the guys again and weColor 2 had discussions on wide ranging subjects along with a few good laughs. My friend Kathy has just returned from a short visit to Argentina. She had a great time and posted some excellent photos from her trip to Buenos Aires. Cocktails with Mona and Kelly on Friday evening was fun. They are off to Wisconsin for a golf trip with some of Kelly’s buddies this coming weekend. I’ll be Glorious Pinkattending Bob and Silvia’s annual July 4th party this coming weekend. I’m really looking forward to it as there will be many of my friend in attendance that I haven’t seen in ages. As far as I know, the rest of my family and friends are all doing well.

That brings to a close another of my fabulous entries. LOL I hope all of you are out there, walking, running, biking, swimming, anything to keep the body in shape. Now that I have recovered from the cold, I am back to walking and getting in over six kilometers at least five days of the week. Don’t forget the old brain too, anything you can do to exercise that muscle will help. Get up, get out – make that your motto.


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