Writing, through sickness and in health; Photography, a tourist; Expat Life; Friends and Family

Color 2Once again, I have failed to complete the third draft of my book, in particular the dialog between the local police officers and the Pinkertons when they show up early to collect the prisoner. Whereas I have considered this a disappointment on my part to knuckle down and get things done, I have a good excuse. My friends returned from Arequipa for another five Vase 1days in which time I occupied myself with entertaining them before they returned to the United States. My friends brought back a little present, each had a cold supplied by passengers on the flight there. They proceeded to share it with me and I am still dealing with the symptoms. For me, it’s hard to be creative through a fog of congestion.

Tres HombresNever fear though, I am nearly at the end of the cold (called El Gripe here in Peru). Another day and I should be fit as a fiddle again. I plan to have that last passage done by the end of this weekend.

My photography is still leaning more towards the Tomb 1tourist type lately due to my vacationing friends. Shots of the historical center of Lima and its beautiful balconies and old colonial buildings were the order of the day. I still managed to get in a good walk with the cell phone and get shots of my favorite subject, the flowers in Lima’s wonderful parks. I’m noticing that the batteries I have for my Canon SX50 HS are not lasting Pidgeon on a statue.as long. I think I’m going to need to search Amazon for some extras and order them on my return to the US in August. I hope I can find some, the last time I looked, the pickings were slim.

Being sick while living in a foreign country has its ups and Balcony 5downs. The ups are; cheap medical care, cheap medicine, and a plethora of home remedies that give one pause. A prime example, my friend Steve insisted that I take his mother’s remedy. Almond milk, a large slice of onion, some garlic, and a pinch of salt all cooked to a boil Lamaand blended into a kind of soup. I had my doubts but it actually tasted like a decent onion soup and it did clear up my head congestion fairly quickly. For me, the only real downside to this is my poor conversational skills in On the throne 2Spanish. Others might worry about the quality of some of the services but over the eight years I have been here, I have no complaints.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to meet any of my friends here in Peru for our coffee and chat sessions since my last entry. Thanks to “El Gripe,” I will not be able to join them On the throne 3again this weekend either. I did get to join Mona and Kelly for cocktails on the patio last Friday. Although, I had tea with lemon and honey; the cold had just set in. Their son Aaron joined us which demonstrated that his recovery from the heart valve replacement surgery is going well. We had a nice time catching up with things going on at both ends.

My friends also returned from Arequipa with high praiseBalcony 4 for the beauty of the “White City” and its food. They did a city tour while there and enjoyed sitting in the Plaza de Armas people watching. Their first day back we relaxed and enjoyed chatting about all manner of things. A trip out for lunch and a walk to the markets filled in some of the time Balcony 3also. The next day (Sunday), I took them into the historical center of Lima to see the beautiful balconies, colonial buildings, enjoy lunch and a pisco sour at the Bolivar Hotel, and a shared ham sandwich at Cordano’s Bar (noted for their sandwiches of Jamon del Norte), and purchase some souvenirs for their grand-niece and nephews. The rest of the stay was spent in La Molina except for a trip to a nightclub by Marrell one evening. Sadly, when it came time for them to leave, I realized how much I will missBalcony 6 them again.

So, another post comes to an end. I haven’t been on the exercise train for the last week thanks to the cold but plan to ease back into it as soon as I’m better. I’m hoping that all of you have been vigilant and have gotten up and gotten out for a stroll, a walk, or a run. Remember – use it or lose it. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


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