Writing, a break for guests; Photos, lots and lots; Expat Life in Peru, Winter is here; Friends and Family

Me on horse 3

I did manage to get through all but one conversation that I need to change in my edits before they arrived from the USA. But, since then I haven’t looked at a single page. The real work will begin after they leave when I have to do another read through and figure out the places I need to add and/or changes to address the issues that need to be resolved throughout the entire book. I will be a busy boy after they leave. In reality, the book I20170526_134048 am working on at any point in time, never really leaves my thoughts. The characters always creep in at the oddest moments.

It’s been an excellent two weeks for photography. Thanks to my friends, I have revisited two of my favorite archaeological sites in and around Lima and seen an incredible Paso Horse show. They even allowed us to take a ride around the arena to top off the event. The two The roadarcheological sites were Pachacamac and Huaca Pucllana. I am amazed at the progress the archeologists have made at these two sites in the eight years that I have lived here.

The life of an expat here in Lima has its many ups and downs, much as life anywhere does. The winter season is setting in and the temps are dropping into the low 60s while the heave mist they call rain here settles in every night leaving a slick layer of water on everything. This wreaks havoc with the traffic, whichSteve on horseback is already beyond terrible. I am grateful that the amount of time I have to spend traveling in a car is minimal. My live-in housekeeper, who I am so grateful for, has had some type of emergency with a legal process concerning property he owns in Piata had had to go home for a week to deal with Pachacamac Main Gatethe issue. It is amazing how quickly you get used to having someone take care of the household chores. Cooking and cleaning will be part of my job for the next week. Oh, woe is me. LOL

I was able to make it to a coffee and chat with theM&D with guide Bodegas Verde crowd before my guests came to town. It was the last meeting that all five of us will be able to make for quite some time. Carlo is off to the USA to teach at summer school, and I am only able to make it every couple of weeks so far. But, we had a great time. Dario has run his first full Marinera 2marathon and completed it under the time he had set for himself. Larry is working on a novel. Mahlon is working on getting a good job teaching. The next day I met up with Kathy for coffee and chat. She is still doing her Tai Chi and taking drawing classes. Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly was fun. Aaron, their son, is doing better. Although he still has bad days. Then this week while my guests are in Arequipa, I Marinera 3met my friend Bob for coffee. We had a great time catching up and it was nice to see that he is recovering nicely from his knee surgery.

Marinera 1My guests, Marrell and Dale, arrived on time last Tuesday. We have spent a great deal of our time together catching up on everything that has gone on in the past eight years. Jaunts out of the house for lunch or dinner as well as a trip to the first-class theater to see “Authur” for Steve’s birthday The palacetook up the majority of the days. The trip to Pachacamac and the Paso Horse show were also a present to Steve for his birthday. M and D will return from Arequipa tomorrow late in the afternoon and will be here until they leave for the US on Tuesday. I plan to take them to Lima’s Historical Center for one of those days. It’s been a couple of fun weeks for me.

Well, that’s it for this post. Update, I have lost the 40 lbs I set out to do. Now it’s all about maintenance. You can do it to, get up and get out. Take a walk, do something creative. A long active life is better than one spent on the couch wishing you were doing something. Have a fun active week everyone.


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