Writing, a recovery week; Photography, finally out with the camera; Expat Life in Peru; Family and Friends

Selfie ColorDespite my grand design to have the edits on the manuscript of Bone Gap Road completed as of this writing, it didn’t happen. The reasons are good though. The first edit I had to fix took a thousand words of dialog and a small amount of research, which was followed a few pages later by anotherSunset 1 700-word fix. The end result, I still have six pages to go as of this post.

I’m still pleased with the changes I’m making and the recent additions will help flesh out a couple of characters even more. I’m still hoping to have this first run through finished before my guests show up next Tuesday. The manuscript will set to the die for the time they are here. After which I will read through the book one more time and make notations on the places where I need to insert the changes that affect the whole book. Things are looking good for me to have it published before I return to the US in August.Rest in the park B&W

I actually made it out for a photo walk this past week. It felt good to get out with the camera again. I also set up my tripod and took some new profile photos for the various social sites I frequent. The sun came out just enough for me to have fairlySunrise 2 decent light and the flowers (my main subjects) filled out in their full glory to provide the perfect pose for me. I managed 60 plus shots of which 45 were suitable for posting. I’m hoping I can get another one in before the end of the week with either the camera or the cellphone.

Life in Lima, Peru had been relatively sedate this week. My twice a day walks are making me new friends on my route and I enjoy the many “Buenos Dias” and “Buenos Flower in the bushes colorTardes” that I get from the people I pass in the neighborhood. Everyone gives me a smile and since starting my routine, I have noticed an increase in other walkers, especially older ones. I have no new disasters, neither personal nor national, to report on this week. Things have calmed down a bit on the personal front and Peru is in full recovery mode and I am still impressed with their responses so far.

Not a lot to report on the friends and family front this Rest in the park colorweek. I haven’t been able to make it to any of the coffee and chats for the past couple of weekends. I will be going this coming weekend so I am looking forward to catching up with everyone on what’s been going on in their lives. I did have cocktails with Mona and Kelly last Friday. They are doing well and enjoying the change from winter to spring. Full Moon Blue SkyUnfortunately, their son, Aaron, took a turn for the worse in the second week. Not with the valve replacement but his vasculitis flared up again. I’m hoping a get news of his improvement tomorrow evening. Facebook tells me that everyone else is doing great, living life as fully as possible.Flower in the bushes B&W

Personally, I’ve lot more weight for a total of 17 kilograms or 37.4 lbs., the walks are working miracles for me. Fall weather has set in finally and our days are now mostly cloudy with a dash of sun in the afternoon. The cooler weather sure makes them more pleasant.

Well, that’s it for another post. I hope you all are staying active. It works, so get up and get out. Start with a short walk, play a game that stretches the old grey cells. It’s very simple, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. Have a fantastic week everyone.


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