Editing, ups and downs; Photography, takes a back seat; Expat Life in Peru; Family and Friends

IMG_20161129_102022My sincere apologies for this late post. The last couple of weeks have been trying to say the least. Life has conspired to place obstacle on the roadway of my life. The struggle to overcome them has been successful but time consuming.

I have struggled with moving forward in editing the manuscript the last couple of weeks. The suggestions for change and comments have required more research andIMG_20161109_111208 a rethink of how to fit them into the narrative of the story. In addition, those challenges I mentioned have also interfered with placing the work in front of me and actually accomplishing any work.

Despite that, I have actually made some progress and am hoping to make more in the next eleven days or so. After IMG_20161019_093207that, I will have friends visiting from the USA. They will be staying with me here in Lima for a few days. I haven’t seen them for years, so it will be great to catch up and show them around the city. I doubt any editing will get done in that time though.

I only have about 25 pages left and hope to report that they will be completed by my next post on the page. I won’t beIMG_20160927_112336 finished by a long shot. I’ll still have to go back to the beginning and hopefully, insert the adjustment to my protagonist’s character that I mentioned in my previous post.

My photography had certainly suffered in the past couple of weeks. Other than a dozen or so photos, I haven’t had the camera or cell phone out for serious picture taking. The IMG_20160923_134050ones in this post are things I have posted on Instagram, photos altered with their internal adjustment product. I’m hoping that changes in the next few days, although I’m sure that when my friends arrive I’ll be snapping away like a mad man. LOL

There’s not much to report on the vagaries of expat life in the past couple of weeks. Small things keep IMG_20160922_130531happening that keep you on your toes. More dental work is being done thanks to my carelessness. But otherwise, the exchange rate has been moving back in my favor for the last week. That eases my stress when it comes to finances a little. The floods have receded and the work continues to restore the damage. We can only hope that this provides the IMG_20160921_153011new government with an opportunity to go beyond the corruption of the past and make significant improvements to the infrastructure.

Despite everything, I have been able to meet up with friends and enjoy some laughs and excellent conversation. Coffee and Chat with Larry, Dario, Carlo, and Mahlon was fun and filled with lively quips. I also met up with Kathy and Isabel on Sunday here in La Molina for another coffee and chat. We spent most of IMG_20160913_145228the time catching up on Isabel’s life. It had been some time since she was able to join us. Naturally, Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly have been a hoot. On that note, I received the great news that their oldest son´s (Aaron) heart valve replacement surgery went very well and is now home to continue his recovery. He’s already showing significant improvement. My friend Bob’s knee surgery went well and his recovery is progressing on pace. Other friends and family are all doing well I am happy to report.

You would have thought with a two-week break, there would have been more to post about. I guess in a way, it’s a good thing there isn’t. LOL I hope you all have been able to get up and get out. It’s not that hard to improve your life, all you have to do is take that first step.


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