Writing, the agony of change; Photography, nothing of substance; Expat Life in Peru; Family and Friends

Red on PinkI am working along at a furious pace and crossing out the little red boxes in the margin at a fantastic rate. This is great I think, I’m now two-thirds of the way through the manuscript and am proud of the changes I’m making to the content. Then, this little red box pops up, “Rufus is not American. So maybe that fact needs to come into play more in his character. How he acts, how he responds, how the people respond to him. I don’t get thePurple Flower contrast in cultures. How does he try to fit in? What customs from back home does he hang on to?” (Place a few expletives here)!

She has a point, although in his first year he became a citizen, I do need to bring out his Englishness more. Ninety present of the people who populate the area where this book take place are of English descent, some have relatives who arrived as early as 1816. Others later as settlers from England moved into the area all the way to the time this book takes place in 1890. This fact will put their interactions Plants for sale 2at a different level. It will bring the usual questions into play of; “Did you know so and so? Where is that in relation to ….? Do they still ….? What is the Queen like?” and others. He’s been there two years now, so how much of that will still be happening? Will he have tried to lose his accent in that time? What habits will he retain, tea instead of coffee or is that a cliché?

Now, I must consider which of these things I will add and the appropriate places to putPlants for sale 1 them in the book so they appear to flow with the narrative. It’s amazing how one comment (well actually several) can set you back.

The only photographs I’ve managed this week have been with my cell phone and although nice, there are very few of them. I haven’t downloaded them yet so they won’t appear till next week’s post. I do have a little project that I want to try out involving some sheer sparkly cloth. You may or may not see the results of that little experiment depending on what I think of the results.

MacroAspects of my life here in Peru are hardly worth mentioning this week. I managed to get through all of my chores and projects this past week without incident. No one has moved into the apartment below yet. The landlord is still painting and cleaning it up. Peru has started work on repairs to the infrastructure and fingers are being pointed at the poor use of funds that might have prevented some of the destruction. We’ll see how that plays out. Prices at the stores have returned to normal, at least in the places I shop. I hear the government is asking people to report any incidents of price gouging. I was glad to hear that. So, life here in Lima has returned to normal and if it wasn’t for the news and posts on FB, you wouldn’t know that anything had happened.

Last Friday, both Mona and Kelly joined me for cocktails although they weren’t on their Foggy Chorrillospatio this time. The rain and cold had returned to wonderful Southern Illinois proving the old adage, (If you don’t like the weather here, stick around for five minutes, it’ll change.” We did have a good time though and I’m really looking forward to joining them for cocktails in person this coming August. I didn’t meet up with the guys Saturday morning, stuff to do. Turns out that was just as well since most of them couldn’t attend for Fire Rosevarious reasons also. Sunday morning, I did meet up with Kathy at the Starbucks in San Borja. We had a long and lively conversation since it had been a couple of months since our last get together. She’s doing great and is walking better than ever. That sums up the news on family and friends. No updates of serious note on FB tell me that everyone else is doing fine.

That brings to close another weekly post. I hope all of you have been active physically and mentally. You have to keep the body and mind in shape. Use it – or lose it; get up and get out, read a book, paint a picture, take some photos; you all know the drill by now. On a personal note, I’ve lost another two kilos for a total of 15.6 or 34.32 lbs. Walking daily helps! Have a great week everyone.


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