Writing, the long road; Photography, expanding my vision; Expat Life in Peru, praise from the UN; Family and Friends

Street Art 10The long road to a fully edited and completed manuscript continues. Through the past week, I’ve made excellent progress. I’m now a little over a third of the way through the book and feel that the changes I’m making will assuredly make it a better read. Certain characters have been fleshed out and scenes that seemed to have little to do with the plot have been Street Art 9altered to help them advance the story. I’ve added more description to some areas to help the reader more fully visualize the era and place the story takes place in.

Street Art 8The increasing pace of my edits has nothing to do with them getting easier. I’m simply spending more time each day working on the edits and doing the research necessary to give the reader the best experience possible. As writers/authors, we have a responsibility to the people who purchase our books. The foremost among those is making the reader happy that he or she took the time to read our work. I’m hoping beyond hope that I can have the book published before August 10th of this Street Art 7year.

I’ve made it out for a couple more photo walks this past week. I did take my shot of my favorite subject, flowers, but also took the time to get the photos I’ve posted today. My friend Kelly of Friday Evening cocktail fame tells me he’s tired of all the flower pictures, “please post something else.” So, here they Street Art 6are buddy, dedicated to you. Some of the wonderful new street art on the Bajados de Baños in Barranco. Peru does have an abundance of talented artists. He’s right though, I do need to expand my photographic vision to include other subjects and techniques.

The rains are still falling in the northern part of Peru but they seem to have lessened in intensity and the reports of flooding and mudslides have subsided. Peru received the honor of high praise from the United Nations this past Street Art 5week, lauding them for their quick response to the disasters occurring in the northern half of the country. Now, the long process of rebuilding infrastructure, homes, and businesses begins.

There have been no disasters in my personal life this past week as relates to living in another country. Our neighbors, the people living in the apartment below us have moved out. I do hope that the new renters will be as quiet and respectful as the last ones. Our internet has been iffy for a couple of weeks now. It seems they are installing new cables somewhere in the neighborhood. I hope they finish soon, it’s very annoying. Otherwise, all is well here in the southern hemisphere.

Street art 4Mona and Kelly finally returned to their patio for out Friday evening cocktails. The weather in Southern Illinois is turning and spring has fully sprung. We enjoyed our normal banter although there is still some doubt about a new umbrella for the patio. LOL Saturday morning at La Bodega Verde was full of the usual titillating conversation. Larry, Bob, Dario, Carlo and I had a good time as we sipped excellent coffee and enjoyed the great breakfast they serve there. Bob Street Art 3will be going in for knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus tomorrow. We are hoping he has a speedy and full recovery. Silvia is very busy running the pre-school she owns.

Our friend Jamie has finally received his Rentista Visa here in Peru, congrats buddy. Ada’s art classes are going well, she is such an incredible talent. I didn’t get to meet up with Kathy this past Sunday, she was off to Ayachucho to visit a friend Street Art 2and do some touristy stuff. Natalie and Azaad are dealing with unpacking still. The just received their shipping container and are wondering where they are going to put all their stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff we can accumulate over the years. No news on any other front so I guess everyone else is doing great.

Another post comes to a close. I’ve had nother successful week on my exercise and dietStreet Art 1 program. I’ve now lost a total of 13.6 kg or 30 lbs and have decided to go for another 10 lbs. This only shows you how determination and a little work will go a long way to meeting your health goals. Remember, get up, get out – use it or lose it – exercise body and mind. No matter how late you start or how far you have to go to meet your goals, you’ll never regret it.


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