Writing, the BIG edit; Photography, finally able to get out; Expat life, the disaster; Family and Friends

Yellow Flower 1Continuing from my last post, it took a while for me to get new ink for my printer. Now that I have, I’ve finished printing out Amanda’s edits on my manuscript and started work on the comments and suggestions she has made. To give you an idea of the impact these are having on my manuscript, it took me two hours to work on the first five pages. The changes I made, turned The Parkthose five into six pages and will cause more changes farther into the book. I’ve also had to take some extra time to delve into more research to help expand the descriptions of the area and people during this time period. Amanda also pointed out some glaring timeline errors that I made in the first couple of pages that had to be fixed. I’ll need to see how those changes play in with other areas of the book also.

SucculentI am actually enjoying this. This is the stuff that makes you a better writer. I encourage all writers, no matter how frustrated you get, to heartily thank your editors. They really do have your best interest at heart. After this edit, I’ll let the manuscript sit for a month, do a reread and one last edit from that before publishing.

My back problem has finally subsided and I was able to get out for a couple of short Grapeswalks with the camera this past week. The photos in this post are from those walks and I hope you enjoy them. I want to give some credit to a free desk top photo processing program that I have been using lately. It’s called Autodesk Pixlr and is also available for cellphones and tablets. It’s easy to use and has a good range of available effects, borders, etc. as well as the ability to adjust contrast, brightness, and other properties of your photos. I’m all about quick and easy.

White Rose B&WThe destruction of property and loss of life continues here in the northern part of Peru. Hopefully the rains will stop soon so that Peru and its people can begin the long process of rebuilding. Although, in some areas, they have already begun work on the repair of roads and bridges. The latest figures show that over 700,000 are now homeless. Thanks to the generosity of her neighbors here in South America with helicopters and supplies, most of the people affected are now receiving supplies of food, water, tents, blankets, and other necessities. Life hereBush Flowers in Lima, after a short scare, has pretty much returned to normal. Water and food are readily available although the prices have increased about 25%. Sadly, much as everywhere else, once prices go up, they rarely come back down.

I had a great time with Mona and Kelly this past Friday during cocktail time. They delivered some great news that set the tone for the conversation the rest of the evening. Flower B&WObviously, my back problems prevented me from going to the meeting at the BV and with Kathy at Starbucks. I am, however, recovered enough to resume those meetings this week and am looking forward to them. I have a fantastic lunch with my good friend Bob on Tuesday. Silvia couldn’t join us, school is in session and she had to work. Larry informed me that his wife, Lucha, wasn’t doing well this past week. She was having dizzy spells. I’m hoping that she has recovered by now and is back to her usual amazing self. My friend Steve had a friend commit suicide this past week. He was married, with three kids. Such a sad Bright Pink Rosesituation, especially for his children. You never know when you will lose someone close to you so show them you love them always. Otherwise, everyone else is doing fine according to posts on FB.

Another post comes to an end. I hope you all have been taking care of yourselves mentally and physically. I’ve lost a total of 28 lbs as of my weigh in last Monday. I’m very happy with that number and expect to lose some more now that I can return to my walks. Remember, get up- get out; use it or lose it.


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