Writing, the wait; Photography; Expat Life, flooding and the internet; Friends and Family

Lima coastNow that my manuscript for the Bone Gap book is off to the editors, I find myself nervous about the things that might be said about the writing. I have noticed that the more I read over my own work, the less happy I am with it. That doesn’t hold true when I receive the comments from the editors. On my first read thru, I get very defensive (only in my head) and have to set them aside for a week or so to allow my ego to take a rest from the bruising.

In retrospect, I might find it more useful to edit myself after letting the original Flowers at BVmanuscript sit for a few weeks. Maybe I should take Don Roff’s words to heart. “I’ve found the best way to revise your own work is to pretend that somebody else wrote it and then to rip the living shit out of it.” Or possibly, Stephen King’s, “Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.” It’s hard to read your own work with a truly objective heart.

Bubbles 1Either way, waiting to edit myself or getting it back from the editors is frustrating. Thankfully, I have my next book to work on, which keeps my mind distracted for a short time.

I am so frustrated with my lack of will to get out with a camera more often. The return of a lower back problem and summer’s heat and humidity, keeps me indoors. I think it might be time for a trip to the flower shop so that I can do a little studio work.

Peru is having its problems as of this writing. Unseasonably heavy rains are occurring in Looking down the stepsthe desert parts of the country. Add to this the lack of any storm drainage system in the towns and cities located in these areas, and you have a recipe for disaster. Many Peruvians are being displaced because mudslides and floods are destroying their homes. I’m fortunate to live in an area that isn’t flooding but there are other parts of Lima near the Rimac River that aren’t as fortunate. The news on TV stations in Peru are showing homes and businesses sliding into the rivers, cars being washed away. Click on the blue font to see the flooding of the river on the little town of Aguas Calientes below Machu Pichu. Recovery from this will be long and hard. As of this writing, even more rains are predicted for the near future.

As for me, other than the return of the problem I have with the piriformis acting up, life has been good to me this week. No emergency plumbing, electrical, or car problems have Pink Rose budcropped up. We did have a string of TV/internet problems. Last Friday, we lost internet and cable TV for almost eight hours with smaller outages occurring throughout the week. We still haven’t found out what the problem is. On the good side, those are things I don’t really miss since I have many ways to keep myself entertained.

My only gathering with friends this past week involved the Bodega Verde crowd. All but Carlo were there for the gathering of the minds. The Bodega Verde Suitcase Murder group as White rose budDario refers to us, engaged in a morning of lively conversation and banter. The downed internet kept me from Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly. So, I am really looking forward to this Friday´s get together, we’ll have three weeks of stuff to catch up on. Kathy canceled our Sunday get together with other plans. As for friends and family in other parts of the world, they are all fine. I know because FB tells me so. LOL

It’s a shorter than usual entry this week but I hope you enjoy the read. Remember to get up and get out, the use it or lose it motto. It doesn’t take much to get you started on the right road. A short walk around the block or down the lane will do it. Just keep increasing your distance as it gets easier. Have a great weekend everyone.


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