Writing, first draft complete; Photography; Expat Life, it’s always something; Friends and Family

sunset-bwThe first draft of my newest book, the first in a series called Bone Gap, is finally finished. Now comes the really hard work. I have a friend whose been helping check for grammatical errors as I finish a group of chapters. After I finish those corrections, it will be time to print out the manuscript and go through it line by line, chapter by chapter and either cut or add portions to the story. It’scambodia labor intensive and with the minds propensity to auto-correct, one read through doesn’t necessarily do the trick.

I’ve been making notes in a composition book as I write when thoughts have occurred to me for improvements to the story. They usually insert yellow-3themselves into my thought process long after I’m finished with the chapter they concern. These will be added or tossed in the trash as I am reading trough for errors and holes in the story line whereas, new notes may be jotted in the margins for others that I hadn’t thought of. Although the first draft is done, we are far from finishing and getting it published.

I’ve finally started work on a photography project that I had made a few attempts at in the past. It concerns thailand-2using a black backdrop (preferably velvet but other materials will work), indirect sunlight, and ordinary subjects like flowers, food, or doodads you might have on a shelf. I’ve seen a couple of photographers whose work I admire use this technique and decided I would give it a try. Some of my first attempts are in this post. I still haven’t made it out for a walk with the camera but at least my conscious has let up on me a little.

white-2I’m not sure it’s worse as an expat or pretty much the same everywhere but it seems that as of late, I’ve been dealing with one disaster after another. From broken appliances, problems with the water, minor health issues, and other issues; we had not one but two flat tires on the car this past week. I’m at a point where I really need a break and am ready for the cosmos to send a little good luck my way.bowl-of-fruit

Summer here in Lima, at least as far as recorded temps are concerned, is no worse than the ones in the past, I think it’s me getting even less tolerant of heat and humidity than I was in the past. I’m ready for fall and winter, bring it on. I’d even be happy with a little snow and ice although I’m not sure Peruvian drivers could handle a disaster like that.

the-white-temple-thailand-2009Friday not cocktails with Mona and Kelly didn’t happen this past week. They still had family in town to entertain them. But, photos of Mona babysitting an infant seemed to indicate that she was having a great time. A photo of here with all her siblings was also a great sight. Saturday morning coffee and chat with the guys was a blast. We missed Dario though; I suspect he was training for his birthday blue-and-yellow-1though. There was the usual, “what did he do this week,” discussion as well as other topics of general interest. Mahlon finally received his citizenship papers so now he can officially pay income taxes in two countries. Let’s hope he makes enough money so that he has to. Sunday coffee with Kathy was nice. It had been a couple of weeks so we had a lot to catch up on. She will be heading up to Cajamarca soon to visit with a friend and take a little break from Lima. All lily-1others are doing fine and it seems that everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day.

Well, that sums up another post. I hope you have all been making an attempt to stay active mentally and physically. My total weight loss is now at 7.2 kilos after five weeks, that’s 15.84 lbs. I ‘m still getting up every morning with the sun and doing a 5.5 kilometer walk along with other walks on a few day of the week. That means I’m halfway to my goal. I repeat, if I can do this at my age, you can too – get up, get out – use it or lose it. Have a great week everyone.


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