Writing, the Last Chapter; Photography, am I becoming a slacker; Expat Life; Friends and Family

blueHere I am, almost nine hundred words into my last chapter. I am both excited and fearful at being here. When this chapter is finished, comes the first read through with editing comments. Something that I have always found to be a laborious process. It’s at his point where I personally start feeling a sense of insecurity in my writing. When this part is finished and I have added to, deleted, and corrected it will go off to my editors. It’s their opinion that matters to me at this point. I do my best to set my ego on a shelf and pay attention flower-gardento what they tell me.

Once I have read their comments and suggestions, I sit them aside for a short period of time. I need to let all of it sink in, time to digest what they are telling me. Then and only then, do I go back and look at the areas, sentences, or grammar and make a decision on whether to make the changes or not. In reality, I usually end up agreeing with 95% of what they are trying to tell me and adjust the writing as necessary. If you, as a writer, are lucky enough to have friends or a writing group that will take the time to look over your work, be appreciative. Even if you don’t agree with their assessment.

two-tonePhotography, thank goodness that when I do go out with the camera or phone I take a lot of photos. Another week has passed with me not making it out for one of my photo-walks. I guess I’m going to have to pay a friend to beat me with a stick till I get out of the apartment with my camera. A few photos from Barranco done with my phone are all I accomplished again this week. It’s certainly not a lack of time or motivation. I can only surmise that laziness is the main reason. Am I becoming a slacker? Only time will tell.

Last week I mentioned the flooding that was occurring in the mountains that had affected some areas of Lima. This week, the health ministry here sent out another warning. Apparently, the mosquitoes that carry Dengue Fever have from-the-bvspread to all areas of Lima. Normally the skeeter population in Lima is very low but I guess the floods have carried them into the city and now we have another thing to worry about.

We were also surprised with a monster water bill this month. It seems, a little used bathroom stool on our second floor decided to start leaking. A new stool has been purchased and installed. Shortly afterwards, a plumber, hired by the landlord came through to check all the plumbing. It seems we are OK for now. For those who haven’t heard this before, in Peru, the tenant, not the landlord is responsible for repairs and replacements in the place you are renting. I’m not sure if this is true for all South America but I do know it applies to several countries down here.

hibiscus-2Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly, although entertaining as always, delivered some sad news. My dearest friend Mona’s mother passed away the day before. Although expected, the loss of a parent always hurts and it pained me to see the loss in Mona’s eyes. Family and friends were coming in for the service from all over the country. Although they are all gathered, I’m sure this will be a difficult time for her family. My love and support goes out to them.

Saturday coffee and cocktails was fun again. Only Carlo and Larry were able to come this week. Mahlon was getting ready to participate in a Pisco Sour contest and Dario was off on one of his athletic events. We’re hoping loads-of-pinkthey will be able to rejoin us this coming Saturday so that we can hear all about their adventures. Kathy had to cancel Sunday’s coffee and chat. An oral surgery procedure on Friday still had her out of commission. All other friends seem to be doing OK, at least that’s what FB tells me.

That another post under the belt. My re-commitment to exercise and weight loss is paying off. I’ve lost 6 kilos (13.2 lbs) in the four weeks I have been on my self-designed program. A five kilometer walk first thing every morning and a restriction to 1860 calories of healthy food are the two pillars for now. At a point in the future, I will add another walk in the afternoon and trips to the gym for weight training. Get up and get out, it works people.


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