Writing, nearing the end; Photography; Expatlife; Friends and Family

20170128_073440It’s been a decent week for writing and I am now a chapter and a half away from finishing the first draft of my book. I fully admit that I use the Henry James style of writing when it comes to editing. I always read my previous day’s work and make changes or edits as needed before starting on the new section. This time, I’ve also accepted my friend Mona Stevens’ offer to do some grammatical editing as I finish each ten chapters. I’m hoping this will cut the time I need to do a full read the-islandsand edit after I finish the book. We’ll see how that works out and as usual, I will keep you informed on how well that goes. Naturally I will still accept the gracious offerings of help, if given, from my friends Larry Pitman and Amanda White on a final edit and review of the work.

Reaching the end when writing a novel always presents me with the natural fears of a writer. Is it any good? Will people like it? Is the plot interesting? lima-skylineWill the mystery keep the reader intrigued? Plus, all the other questions that batter at a writer’s self-confidence. These last passages of dialog, sentences of descriptive text, and statements of actions are the ones that will influence the reader at the end of his or her journey through the adventure that you have written. Will they close the book and say, “Wow, that was really good. I can’t wait for his next book.”

Again, this past week, my photography was relegated to the time I spent in Barranco artificial-flower-2between writing and meeting my friends for coffee. That means that all the photos posted here and on my Facebook page were done with my cellphone, a Samsung S7 Edge. Considering the quality of the photos, I’m beginning to wonder why I need my cameras at all. The only reason I can think of at this point is that they make me feel more like a photographer.

Life in Peru has presented a wide range of interesting and strange situations this week. On the more normal side we experienced another 3.9 earthquake last night, which I red-bougslept through. The mini rumbles are a part of daily life here in Lima. I’m just hoping that these are helping to keep the big one away. It’s also the rainy season her in Peru although, as I’ve said in the past, Lima never sees any of it directly. So, it was strange to see reports of flooding here in this desert city in the news this past week. There are some rivers running through Lima that feed into the ocean. The heavy rains in the mountains have caused them to overflow here. None of that has affected me directly at this point but there are worries about the sludge that flowed into the streets drying up and becoming airborne.

Finally, we have the yearly UV warnings for all of Peru. Apparently, Peru and Bolivia have orange-1the highest UV ratings in the world. For now, the warning merely asks that we stay indoors, if possible, through the hours from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Also, sunblock of 30 of higher is recommended at all times. In the past, the warning has been extended to include all daylight hours. I fully expect that to happen again this year.

Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly via Facetime proved to be delightful as always. We talked a little politics, some sports, family doings, and other things of interest to us. the-macThat led into Saturday morning and coffee and chat with the BV crowd (Larry, Carlo, and Mahlon). We met at the MAC again in the hopes of escaping the oppressive heat that is daily life in Lima for the summer. A pleasant breeze comforted and cooled us through the entire time and it was decided that it would be our summer residence. To be clear, they have a second Bodega Verde there at the museum so we are still supporting our favorite place. Sadly, Dario was unable to join us again due to his artificial-boquetvigorous running/biking schedule. Hopefully he will return this coming Saturday. Sunday morning coffee and chat with Kathy was interesting with a sprinkle of fun thrown in.

Azaad and Natalie appear to be settling in nicely at their home in Capetown. We are all glad to hear they are doing well. Ada’s art class is producing some stunning work by her students. I hope her school will become immensely successful. Jamie’s fantastic burgers are being sold at a local hangout in Miraflores now. They have become very popular. My friends Bob and Silvia are hanging in there. Bob is artificial-flowerhaving a tough time and we all hope he comes through it with flying colors. My family back in the US seem to be having a great time. One of the things I love about FB is being able to see and hear from them almost every day.

Well, here we are at the end of another post again. The exercise and diet regimen that I started on has been working. I’ve taken off 12.1 pounds in three weeks. My goal is to lose 30+ before reevaluating the goal. I’ve done this by cutting calories, eating healthy, and walking for an hour first thing in the morning. So, if at the age of 70 I can do it, so can you. Get up, get out – move it, use it, or lose it. Simple as that. Have a great week everyone.


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