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brick-wallI originally thought that my new exercise regimen would help me dedicate more time to writing and less to couch surfing. It is with deep regret that I am unable to report a lot of success on my word counts this week. I did manage to finish chapter 31 and get a small start on 32, but the last few days have been relatively dry in the writing department. As a result, I’ve invoked the ancient 20170107_064830Egyptian God of writing, Thoth, to aid me in my journey to finish my fourth book. I only managed to get the candles lit and incantations done this morning so I’m not expecting results till tomorrow.

I think my problem really stems from the fact that I’ve written myself out of the pathway that I had planned for this newest chapter going into the face-in-the-flowernext one. Now, I’m having to wing it and a viable sequencing into the next chapter has been playing hide and seek with me for the past few days. If Thoth fails me, I always have my Starbucks session as a fallback.

My photography walks have increased along with my exercise routine. If not the camera, I always have my Samsung 7 Edge with me and since it is now Summer here in Lima, Peru, there is no end to the wide variety of flowers I have to choose from. Sadly, once again, I must report that I haven’t taken the time to set up a session to do some studio work. I still want to do some still life sessions with various 20170110_095514objects, food, and flowers with a black background and some side lighting. It’s not like I don’t have the time, I can only pass it off as laziness on my part. I’m hoping to have some to share with you next week.

Living, or even visiting for an extended period of time another country allows you to reevaluate many of your life’s preconceptions. As a result, it can help you to expand the view of the world and shed some of the tribal leanings you might have acquired before. My parents instilled the love of travel in me at a young age. Something that I didn’t appreciate till I had 20170107_064755time to actually assimilate the wanderlust into wanting to learn about other peoples and cultures. That lead me to wandering the globe both alone and with friends for many years. Now, actually living in Peru, I have come to appreciate even more deeply the differences that make all of us up. To see how other people view not only me but the country I come from has been eye opening to say the least. There is one aspect of the Peruvian identity that I admire above others. That is the pride they have yellow-rosein the deepness of their historical culture, something that the Spanish and Catholic Church tried to take away from them. They were building pyramids here in Peru at the same time Egypt was starting theirs. Over millennia, multiple advanced cultures sprung up throughout the area. The Chavin, Sechin, Paracas, Nazca, Lima, Inca, and Mochica are just a few examples. They built huge temples and the-grouplarge cities rivaling anything built on the other side of the world. Come visit if you have the chance. Peru is an amazing place.

This past Friday evening was spent in the company of Mona and Kelly via Facetime again. We enjoyed a couple of cocktails and caught up on stuff that happened in the past week. Mona, along with a few yellow-bloomothers, helped me select the flowers that I want to replace my dead rose bushes with. Saturday morning I met my friends Larry, Dario, Mahlon, and Carlo at the Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art (or the MAC as it is affectionately known here) for coffee and chat. The discussions on a wide range of topics was even more lively than usual and it made a nice change of 20170107_065019pace from our other meeting place. On Sunday I met up with Kathy to do some more catching up. Sadly, the Starbucks where we usually meet here in La Molina has shut down permanently so we ended up across the street drinking gas station coffee at a convenient store. That didn’t dull our conversation on a multitude of subject though. All other friends and family are fine, at least according to their entries on FB.

Phew, another post is in the books or I guess on the web would be a better saying. I hope all of you are staying active physically and mentally. Remember, use it or lose it, it’s do true.


One thought on “Writing, Thoth help me; Photography; Expat Life; Friends and Family

  1. I agree with you, Peru is a fascinating and amazing country. We visited last October and loved it.
    Wrote about it in my travel blog, in case you are interested. http://www.miles-away.blog.

    I really liked the picture of the pink flower, it looks almost like a painting. Keep writing, I will check back to see what you have come up with.

    Liked by 1 person

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