Writing, the rabbit and the turtle; Photography; Expat Life; Friends and Family

sunrise-2It seems that over the course of the past few months, my writing resembles that old parable about the race between the rabbit and the turtle. I have days where the words pour out and it seems the race to the finish is so near I can almost touch it. Then, the turtle takes over while the rabbit naps. Slow and sure the words fall bw-firehydrantonto the page with slow regularity, just enough to make me feel that I’ve accomplished something. In the parable, it was the turtle who won the race. When it comes to my writing, I believe it will take both of these critters to get me to the finish line.

I’ve sent the first thirty chapters off to my first line editor to check for grammatical errors and make comments on the progress of the storyline. While she’s doing that, I’m still working on chapter 31 and will in all probability finish it pink-against-greentomorrow and get a start on 32 before my Saturday morning session at Starbucks. My energy levels are up thanks to a new diet and exercise program I’ve started. I’m hoping that will get me to the final chapter at a faster pace than the one I’ve been maintaining recently.

I’ve been out several times with the camera in the black-and-whitepast week. With those excursions, I’ve added over one hundred photos to my collection and processed seventy of them in the last couple of days. Most of are of the latest blooms in the parks and yard near my apartment. A few are from Barranco but I have yet to get set up to do some studio work, in particular, still-life’s. My work has been receiving great marks on all my social media pages. The praise is enough for now, but one of these days I’d love to have an exhibit.

fiatWhen I retired and moved to Peru, I swore that I would never allow my life to become sedentary. That I would work hard to stay in reasonable shape and keep the creative juices flowing. Over the last few months, since we moved to La Molina, I have allowed myself to fall into the couch potato trap. Something that can sneak up on you with deadly results. As a result, when I casually berriesstepped on the scales this past Monday morning, I was in for quite a shock. Thus, I have reinstituted my original pledge to, at a minimum, go for a long walk every day, and watch what I am eating. I hadn’t realized that I had allowed my caloric intake to jump to over 3500 calories a day. Now I’ve started a regimen to sunrise-3lose the weight and get back in shape. A brisk long walk every day, do a workout at the gym three days a week, and limit my caloric intake to 1700 calories until I’ve lost the extra weight. It will be a long battle, I’m figuring six months, and I’m sure temptations will start trying to derail my goals the entire time. Wish me luck.

Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly were entertaining as always. Mona always makes the most delicious snacks for the occasion. But all I can do is drool from afar at the scrumptious fixings. I will be having my healthy dinner with them here on out. Saturdaybw-plants morning at the Bodega Verde was interesting as always. Larry and Mahlon were the only members of the regular group in attendance. A friend of Larry’s was in town and stopped in to join us. Larry and I talked a lot about writing while Larry’s friend regaled Mahlon with stories we had already heard. Carlo was at a wedding and Dario was out for one of his runs with his friends. I haven’t seen Kathy since before Christmas but next Sunday we will resume our weekly meetings. My sister and the rest of my family are all doing fine. It seems that they and all my friends back in the US made it through the holidays fine. I’m enjoying their tales of freezing weather. As for the rest of my friends here in Peru and throughout the world, all are fine.

That’s it for another post. Don’t let what happened to me, happen to you. Get up, get out, every single day at least go for a walk. Read a book, write a poem, paint a picture; exercise the creative side of your brain. Use it or lose it folks, unfortunately the maxim is true. Have a great week everyone.


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