Writing, breaking through the block; Photography; Expat Life; Friends and Family

pink-2As I predicted, my writing block with chapter 30 came to an end in Starbucks last Saturday. It always amazes me how conducive cafés are to writing. The ambience, the perfect noise level, the coffee, who knows? But, it almost always seems to work for me. The minute I had my lap top up and running, the document loaded, and the first words of a sentence written, I was off, fingers blazing across the have-a-seatkeyboard. I managed 700+ words before I had to shut everything down and head over to another café for a meeting with friends. I still had to round out the chapter with another 300+ words this past week but it was easy. I stopped myself in the middle of a sentence, which gave me a lead into finishing the chapter at home.

I’m now working on chapter 31 and plan to get most of it written by the end of the week. Not only can I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel the breeze. Two to four pinkchapters more and I should have the story wrapped up and ready for my first editing attempt. I already have a list of things I want to do to improve the story even before reading it through. I’m excited to be near to the finish line and ready to start on my next novel.

I only managed to get a limited amount of photography done this past week and all of it was with my cell phone. Still, I hadn’t downloaded photos from the Samsung since December 11th so I have a lot of new photos to post with this writing. I do need to get out for a photo-walk soon. blue-bullThey always relax me and since I am wandering through the neighborhoods of Lima, knowing that I’m looking for something new to shoot, I tend to see more than I do on a regular walk. If, like me, you enjoy taking photographs I highly recommend that photo-walks become a regular part of your weekly routine. It also gives you a little exercise.

New Year’s Eve, another noisy holiday in Peru. Here, if you’re not invited to a party, it’s the custom to go to a Karaoke or similar place, pay a cover that includes varying amounts of things depending on the quality of the nightclub and dancing the night away. About thirty minutes before the New Year, the blue-sky-in-chorrillosfireworks start and this year Lima went all out even surpassing the ones that lit up the sky on Christmas Eve. The rockets’ red glare, bombs bursting in air, lasted till 2:30 in the morning, a constant barrage of explosions. I stayed home this year and watched the show for a bit from my terrace. Sleep was out of the question. Earlier, I had a drink with witty toast to bring in 2017 via Facetime with my friends Mona and Kelly. So, the evening wasn’t a total bust.

The men of Bodega Verde met New Year’s Eve morning for our regular coffee and chat. new-years-groupDario, Larry, Mahlon, Carlo, and I were joined by our good friend Jim who was in town on business. It’s always great to have him join our little group. He definitely livens up the conversations. In addition, we got caught up on his comings and pink-rosegoings since his last visit. Friday evening I also had my regular cocktails on the patio with friends Mona and Kelly. I got to hear all about their Christmas along with our usual talk of retirement, basketball, and weekly routines. My dear friends the Mohammads (Azaad, Natalie, and daughter Nadia) are now official back home in South Africa. I believe their plane landed New Year’s Day. They will be sorely missed here in Lima by their many friends. But, we are all happy that it’s so easy to keep up with eachhoneysuckle other using the various social media site available to all. My friends here spent their New Year’s Eves in various ways and from the photos and comments, all had a fantastic time.

Well, that sums it up for another post. Hope all of your New Year’s Eves were all that you hoped they would be. It’s another new beginning, so make good use of it. Make sure you exercise body and mind. Be physical, be creative, get up, get out and do what you can. Even the smallest amount activity is better than none. Happy New Year everyone.


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