Writing, in a corner again; Photography; Expat Life; Friends and Family

pinkAdding words to the book has been a struggle for the past week. I did manage to finish chapter 29 and get about half of 30 down on paper but I’m stuck again and seem to have written myself into another corner with this character. One of my villains has just killed the de beautiful-plantfacto leader of the small gang in which he is a member. He has big plans for the gang and a possible political career. I had him lay in wait in a wooded area and kill the man as he was riding along a trail. Now that he’s done it and hidden the body, I’m at a loss at how to treat the scene after he returns to town. Guilt is out, as is paranoia at what he’s done. The man is a psychopath.

20161225livinginperusunsetfireworks-001This has happened before and eventually, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with the rest of the paragraph sent to me in a dream. If not that, one of my long walks will do the trick. The Muse is a fickle entity but it will eventually come to me. If it hasn’t come 20161225livinginperusunsetfireworks-011by the weekend, I’ll set this chapter to the side and start work on the next one. I’m very close to finishing the book, three to five more chapters and it’s done. Then the editing will begin.

I’ve manage to get out for a couple of walks with the camera this past week and get some rather spectacular shots of a sunset. I’ve been surprised at the 20161225livinginperusunsetfireworks-013number of great sunsets we have here in La Molina. They easily equal the ones I captured when we were living on the beach. I still haven’t done any studio work, which disappoints me a little. I really need to make a stronger effort to do that. Although 20161225livinginperusunsetfireworks-015I’m able to get plenty of great shots of flowers here, the variety isn’t as wide as when I lived in San Borja.

Christmas has come and gone and it is probably the one holiday that makes me miss my family and friends back in the USA the most. Having a tree up with a couple of presents under it helps but not having the proximity of those you love the most leaves a tiny vacancy in your heart. Christmas here in Peru, cactus-3although similar in some respects, is quite different than the way we celebrate it in Southern Illinois. The most notable aspect is the use of fireworks to bring in Christmas Day. The main meal with family here is held just before midnight on Christmas Eve or just after. That is followed up with the purple-and-blueopening of presents. Christmas Day is usually spent sleeping in, which makes Lima feel almost deserted. I’ve been here seven years now and it still feels strange to me. Living as an expat has its perks and always provides a sense of adventure but there are times when the nostalgia for home sinks in and creates a longing to return.

tipped-in-pinkNot much on Family and friends this week. The Bodega Verde crowd (me, Larry, Lon, Carlo, and Dario) met last Saturday. We had a lively round of conversation that covered many topics and enjoyed a few laughs. Mona and Kelly had family stuff, so we weren’t able to have cocktails on the patio. I’ve talked with Kathy a couple of times but the holiday kept us from having our weekly meeting but she’s doing fine. Otherwise according to FB everyone else is doing great and living the high life.

Well that’s it for another post. Hope you’ve been keeping yourself active, exercising body and mind. Use it or lose it, you know how it goes.


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