Writing, too busy or just plain laziness; Photography; Expat Life; Friends and Family

red-roseIt’s been a bad week for writing. The last thing I’ve written in the past week was a post to this page. Now, I could blame it on a busy social schedule, that I was sick for a couple of days, that I had a lot of chores to finish up this past week, or all of thesunset-2 above. In fact, the hard truth is that sloth, the deadliest sin of all, took over my life this past week. For a writer, an artist, or any person for that matter, falling into the trap of laziness can be self-perpetuating. It seems that the excuses for not doing something are always easier to come up with than the ones to get off your lazy butt and do something.

white-roseHaving admitted to my failures this past week, I will work hard on getting back into the creative saddle and riding that horse hard for the next week. I’ve mentioned before that I only have between five and ten chapters left to write before the book is done. The major block that I have going for me at this point – I’ve written myself into a corner and I haven’t figured out how to get out of it yet. A trip up to Starbucks near my apartment might be in order to help me think my way forward. A new writing environment from time to time always helps me when I’m blocked.

On a side note, I have this feeling that the worst thing you can do to your brain is allow resting-in-the-parkyourself to slip into a mind-numbing routine of doing nothing. To allow other things or people to do your thinking for you. You have to challenge yourself.

I have managed a couple of walks in the past week, short ones with the camera. It seems that the flowers in Lima golden-flowersor possible the entirety of Peru, are in perpetual bloom. I am beating myself up a little for not working on some studio type photos though. It seems that a certain part of my anatomy is glued to the couch most of the day. Another thing that I need to correct. Maybe if I get my tripod out and lay it on the couch? That might work.palm-1

When you’ve moved away from family and friends, you miss them. It gets worse on the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although I always recommend that if you are going to live in another country, you should always try to make friends with the locals, it’s important to have a few expats friends around also. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my wonderful friends Bob and Silvia Lowry hosted a traditional dinner for their expat hibiscus-redfriends. Everyone was encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert while they provided the turkey and a ham. Twenty-five or so acquaintances and friends gathered around a table laden with all the traditional dishes. We ate like ravenous wolves, laughed and joked, all while embraced in the warm glow of comradery and a day spent in the company of good friends and a family forged from circumstance. Although, I still pink-rosemissed my sister and brother-in-law plus my nieces and their families, the sharp edge of loneliness was dulled by gracious embrace of friends in a new land.

Since the thanksgiving dinner included most of my friends, we didn’t have our usual coffee and chat on Saturday and Sunday. I did have cocktails with Mona pencil-effectand Kelly Friday evening though. That allowed me to hear all about their day with family and friends. In addition, I video chatted with my sister this past week via Facebook’s messenger. It was great to see and talk with her despite the fact that she’s recovering from a bad cold. I also got to hear how the family is doing. On Sunday, Steve and I tookyellow-and-orange-roses his mother and younger brother to Sarita’s for lunch. I love their tamals but for the first time, we had a rather unpleasant experience there. They padded our bill with inflated prices on a couple of dishes and added an expensive item we didn’t order. It’s always a good idea to check your bill, no matter where you are.

Well, that’s it for another post. Wish me luck on getting out of my creative doldrums. Remember to get up and get out, do something creative, read a good book. Use it or lose it, cause once it’s gone, it’s hard work to get it back and sometimes it’s lost forever.


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