Writing and unforeseen events; Photography; Expat Life; Friends here and there; Happy Thanksgiving

red-rose-silkOnce again, my humble apologies for taking so long to post another entry to my webpage. It has been an eventful three weeks.
Work on my newest book has slowed down considerably due to several reasons. The biggest was me taking a tumble and breaking my ring finger on my left hand, which resulted in a cast that only 20161112_210458left my thumb and forefinger free. Regardless I have managed, albeit slowly, to finish chapters 25 and 26. I have to be happy with that considering the awkwardness of typing one fingered with a cast on one hand. The cast adds bulk to the hand that more than occasionally adds letters and symbols I did not intend to use. Other reasons are visitors and a milestone birthday. Both of which I enjoyed immensely.

20161113livinginperumoonlimacentercyndi-033I’m fairly confident that I will have the book completed in a couple of months if all goes well. I’m guessing there are between 7 and 10 chapters left before it’s finished. Then all the editing will start, a big unknown factor time wise when it comes to finishing any book.

Getting out with my camera is another challenge with one hand 20161113livinginperumoonlimacentercyndi-041incapacitated. I did manage some walks before the accident but afterwards I’ve usually just taken my cell phone with me. I did manage one good day with the camera though as I showed my friends visiting from the US through the historical center of Lima. A lot has changed there since I did my last tour and I must admit, they have done a great job of reducing the traffic to the area. Going forward though, I plan to start getting out more with the camera despite the inconvenience. One must adapt to one’s situation as they say.

20161113livinginperumoonlimacentercyndi-028As an expat one always takes the risk of ending up in a bad situation. When I moved to Peru, I decided to opt out of insurance as the cost of Medical care here is cheaper than the yearly cost of insurance. It’s fine to do this as long as you are healthy and in fairly good shape; I am. You should also have a reserve of cash set aside for emergency 20161112_155240health care. The fall that broke my finger resulted in a trip to the ER at Clinca Good Hope. I can only say that my experience with this healthcare facility and its staff has been excellent. The ER visit, physician charge, medications, X-rays, setting the bone and dislocation, and casting my hand came to $210 or 708 Soles in the local currency. That was 10 days ago, a follow up visit to make sure yellow-and-pinkthe bone was healing properly including physician charge and more X-rays was $75 or 250 Soles. In both cases I was in and out of the facility in what I considered record breaking time.

My second experience since last posting had to do with a Samsung Smart TV 48” that I purchased less than a year ago, one of the electronic boards went out. We called Samsung, a 20161113livinginperumoonlimacentercyndi-056repairman was sent two days later, he replaced the board at no cost and added three months onto our warranty. Once again, an excellent experience in a country not exactly well known for its customer service. Things like this need to be taken into consideration if you decide to spend a great deal of time in a foreign land.

20161113livinginperumoonlimacentercyndi-064One of my best friends, Cyndi Roberts, came back to Peru for another visit. She traveled her with her friends from Atlanta; Tracy, Chris, and Dave. I spent a wonderful Saturday showing them Lima before I took that tumble and they were kind enough to stay with me in the unplanned visit to the ER. They’re still in Peru but after visiting Machu Pichu, Cusco, Urubamba, and a few other places, they have ended up in Arequipa, sunflowerthe white city before heading back to the states. From Cyndi’s posts, it seems they are having a great time. I’ve had a couple of Coffee and chats with Larry as well as two with my friend full-moon2Kathy. As always, lively conversation filled the time. I’ve also joined my friends Mona and Kelly a few times for cocktails on Facetime. Everything is well with them. I also got to talk with my friend Kano in Florida. It was great to see he is doing so well. Other friends and family are all fine.

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Please tell your family and friends that you love them, enjoy life, and give thanks for all the good things you have. Remember my mantra – exercise body and mind, get up, get out, be creative.


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