Writing and Perspiration; Photography; The Expat Life; Friends

Let’s be honest, writing isn’t hard work. At least not in the same way that manual labor is. As a child, I saw my father come home from working in the coal mines exhausted, only to have to start work in the fields of our farm. So, there are times, when I am roses-and-churchwhining to myself about how difficult writing a novel, that I take a step back in time and remember what my father and mother went through just to support us. There is no perspiration involved in writing unless you have the heat turned up too high.

bajada-re-banosNow, the caveat, yes, writing can be hard work. The pressure of self-imposed timelines, research, self-doubt, and so much more can cause stress related problems. These may or may not manifest themselves physically. As a writer, you must protect your mind and health at all costs. Be aware of yourself. Stand up on the hour, every hour and walk bridge-of-sighsaround your work space. Look out a window and focus on things far away. You have to eat well and exercise regularly. Taking a break or a day off can help clarify things in your thought process. In the end, though, you must set yourself a schedule and write, no matter how many words you put down.

wet-plazaI’m still getting out to take some photos a couple of times a week. I was fortunate in that my weekly Saturday meetings have resumed in Barranco and I was able to walk around the Plaza and the Bridge of Sighs and take some pictures. I also managed another walk through the neighborhood and parks and capture more flowers in bloom. We also had a rather spectacular sunset a couple of days ago that I managed to capture. One of these days I stone-artam going to have a few of my really great photos printed on large canvas and have them framed.

Not much has happened in the world of expat living this past week. We did have a minor earthquake near Lima plaza-3last night (Wednesday). According to the press it was a 4.9 on the Richter Scale. It felt stronger than that to me and it lasted for a good thirty seconds. For those that don’t know, our neighbor to the north, Ecuador, had a very large quake this past year that resulted in lots of deaths and destruction of property. Lima has had a couple of very large ones in the past and everyone states that we are due plaza-2for another one. So, each time the shaking starts, I get a little nervous. But, coming from the Midwest in the USA, I’m used to earthquakes and tornadoes, so bring it on. LOL

I joined Mona and Kelly for our Friday evening round of cocktails on the patio. Our discussion delved on politics somewhat and assorted things going on in our lives. The is the plaza-1time of year when I’m usually actually on the patio with them. I’m missing that. On Saturday, I met up with Larry and Mahlon for coffee and chat at Bodega Verde. The first for me in six weeks. Carlos was in the states for a wedding and Dario had a training session so they were unable to join in the fun. More political talk (I’m starting to get tired of it) and discussions on life as an expat here in Peru took up the bulk of our conversation. There was a little on writing and fountainhealthcare to round out the meeting. On Sunday, I trucked over to San Borja to have coffee with my friend Kathy. More politics, it seems I can’t get away from it, and general stuff on how we are dealing with assorted happenings in our lives. I haven’t seen a bunch of my friend here in Lima in a while. I’m hoping that I’ll get to see them at a Thanksgiving event being held by my dear friends Bob and Silvia. Otherwise, as far as I know, my family and friends are all doing well.

Another post comes to a close. I hope all of you are taking good care of yourselves both physically and mentally. Get up, get out and do something. Get creative with that brain; write, paint, read, photograph. Anything to expand your thought processes. Have a great week everyone. Peace!


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