Writing, Ups and Downs; Photography; Expat Life; Friends

hibiscusI had another slump in the progress with my latest book this past week. Assorted happenings managed to insert themselves into the time period when I usually write. I would be at the keyboard, a dozen or so words down on a new paragraph and a “disaster” of one sort or another would pop up for me to dealfull-moon with. Locking myself in the office and ignoring pleas for help is not an option for me. But, I did make some progress and I’m slightly more than halfway through chapter 23 as of this writing. Some storm clouds are gathering on my protagonist’s horizon and solving the murder will have to move down his “to do” list until he deals with them.

cactus-1Personally, I believe that I’m getting better at dialog. In fact, I’m actually enjoying writing passages in dialog more. One aspect of dialog that I’ve changed is ending the statement with the usual “he said, she said, it said.” I’ve discovered that it adds more color to the dialog to add an action afterwards. For example:

“You sent that man off before consulting with the teacup-red-roseDistrict Attorney about guilt or innocence.” The Mayor’s voice rose in pitch. Hands balled into fists, his knuckles were paler than his milk white skin.

It’s not that I have abandoned the old ways altogether. But I do find that this method adds more depth to the story.

fan-danceI’m still managing to get out a couple of times a week for a photo walk, despite all the interference. Spring has sprung in Lima, not that it’s made that much difference in the weather. With it, the sun is making more appearances than it has in the years I have been living in Lima. Unfortunately, the only golden hour I have to shoot in, is the one in the evening and it’s hard for me to get out during that time period. As the saying goes, you make do with what you have. The one constant here, something is always in bloom.

Alas, I was premature in thinking that my visits to the dentist were over for a bit. A lower pink-and-yello-rosebridge involving my molars has been slipping over the past few years and ended up affecting my bite. It needed to be removed, cleaned and re-cemented. In the process of doing that he discovered a cavity that needed repaired. The good news, he was able to do it all in one sitting. So, fingers crossed, that will be it till my next cleaning. In the last post, I mentioned a problem with the gas stove. The repairman showed up, gave it a good cleaning, and now all the burners are working perfectly. Total cost, $30, which I thought was very reasonable since we called in one of the guys from the dealer. Otherwise, all is well in expat land.

kathy-isabel-meI’m hoping that tomorrow will be our first coffee and chat after a six-week absence. Larry and Carlo should be back from the US, Dario won’t have a half-marathon to run, and Lon might not have a session with his trainer. I had cocktails with Mona and Kelly last Friday evening. Besides the usual hilarity of the US presidential election, we discussed family matters and the state of sports at SIU. On Sunday, I met up with Isabel and yellow-rose-with-beeKathy for coffee at a Starbucks here in La Molina. We also discussed politics, both US and Peruvian, talked photography, and chatted about family and other things happening in our lives. On a very sad note, my dear friend, Azaad, lost his father this past week. My sympathy goes out to this wonderful man and his precious family. In the march of time it is inevitable that we will lose people close to us. That does not ease the pain though and I pray to Buddha that time will lessen the void you feel. Look into your daughter’s eyes, shining there you will see all those who came and went before you. I send you a strong hug. My other friends here in Peru and around the world, as well as my family, seem to be doing well.

On that note, it’s time to end another post. I hope you all have been staying active mentally and physically. Exercise body and mind, make it your mantra too.

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