Writing Success; Photography Walks; Expat Life; Friends

cactus-2The past week has proved to be as productive as the previous one where writing is concerned. I’ve managed to finish chapter 22 and get a start on 23. When it comes to writing, I’ve discovered that the “advice” givers are correct. It’s a matter of setting yourself down in front of the keyboard or with paper and pen and starting to write. I must admit I am guilty of the “not in the mood today or the muse has deserted me” line of thought from time to time. There are times whenmoon-in-a-blue-sky the words and story line will flow freely and surge out of you like a raging river. Then there will be times that you feel like you are slogging your way through a muddy field knee deep in muck. When that happens, remember that a few words on paper are better than none at all. Also there will be times when you are struggling with the words and suddenly the dam that is keeping back the raging river will break and the words will orange-lily-1burst forth in a flurry of creativity. Just remember to schedule your writing time and never fail to sit there regardless of your Muse, Calliope will show up.

I’ve made it out for a couple of photo walks this past week. I’m enjoying taking photos with both my Canon camera and Galaxy S7 Edge. Each provides a unique perspective on the subject I am trying to capture. I have yet to set up for any studio type photos and I still need to work on taking a new selfie to use on all my social mediapeonies sites. This past week I downloaded Photoshop express to use as an alternative to Pixlr. Both have their good and bad points but for free photo processing they are outstanding. PS Express will let you take your photos a little more over the edge with contrast and light but I tend to like the selection of automatic effects in Pixlr more so that PS Express. Either way, if you’re looking for a free program that will load onto your PC or tablet, these two are great choices.

rose-in-bwSpring weather in Lima, Peru is starting to warm up. In all probability, if you are new to Peru and come from a colder climate like I do, you will not notice the rise from 69°F to 74°F. I have found that having lived in Lima for over seven years now that these small changes in temperature have a different effect on me than they did when I lived in Southern Illinois. It’s all about acclimatization. My trips to the dentist did not end with the bridge, the glue didn’t hold and I had to return to an-odd-leafhave it cemented in again. I also apparently have a problem with lower left crowns that involve my molars. They need to be removed, cleaned and re-glued with a stronger cement. We’ve also started having a problem with our gas stove, one of the burners doesn’t seem to be getting any gas. We are expecting the repairman to come today so you can look forward to an update on that experience in my next post. Problems crop up no matter where you live. The reality of life is how you deal with them.

calico-kittyThe Saturday morning coffees and chats still have not resumed. One more Saturday off until Larry returns and we can once again commence our discussions on how to solve the problems of the world. My friendgolden-flower-with-double-row-of-petals Dario beat his previous best time in a marathon by over two minutes this past week. Way to go amigo, keep up the good work. I did meet my friend Kathy this past week for coffee and chat at a Starbucks in San Borja. Lots of talk about Trump and other things going on back in the US. I’ve been helping Steve with his English more often in the past week. He had his mid-lunch-with-my-phototerms over a week ago and didn’t do as well as he’d expected. Bob gave me a call a few days ago. We chatted on the phone for almost an hour. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a conversation that long over the phone. It was great catching up. My wonderful friends back in the Southern Illinois, Mona, Tim, and Deb took a photo ofyellow-and-red-bloom me to their luncheon this past week. Since I didn’t make if back for a visit, they decided to bring a photo of me so they wouldn’t miss me so much. The thought warmed my heart but brought back the sadness that I will not be able to return home to see family and friends this year.

Well, that’s another post under the belt. I hope you enjoyed the read one way or another. Remember to get up and get out. Exercise your body and mind, use them or lose them, that’s a fact of life. Have a wonderful week everyone.


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