Writing, a drought before the downpour; Photography; Expat Life; Friends

aloe-veraI apologize for the absence of a post last week. It seemed that the words required to put one together had escaped me. Not only that, my writing suffered on all fronts and in particular, the work on my latest book. I went over two weeks without adding a single word to the new purple-tiger-liliychapter I had started. Thankfully, over the past three days I have found the will to press on and have managed to add over 3,000 words and am halfway through completing chapter 22. Today though, I feel it’s important to get this post up. I don’t want to lose the few loyal readers that I do have.

hole-in-a-stoneMy friend Mona returned the chapters 11 – 20 with her notes on my grammatical errors. I’ve read through them and apparently, I’ve made quite a few less than in chapters 1 – 10. LOL I will work on those edits after I have completed chapters 21 – 30. My new protagonist is working out well. I’ve given him a small gang of henchmen that will carry out the evil deeds that he doesn’t have the guts for. Their plans for getting rid of red-white-and-pinkthe sheriff may or may not have some limited success. The story will take me where it takes me as I add the words to the page. I find that I enjoy creating truly despicable characters in my books.

tiger-lily-colorI have made it out with the camera a couple of time though and the new neighborhood never ceases to supply me with new material to capture. In addition, it seems that flowers of one variety or another are in bloom here all year. I haven’t had a chance to set up for any studio work recently and it’s getting close to the time when I need to do another recent photo of myself for the profile pages on all my social media. I made a comment in my last pin-wheelpost about my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge not having a zoom function. I was incorrect. It’s no longer a function of the buttons on the side of the phone. Now, you simply use the enlarge function of the screen before you take the photo. Also, zoom capability has increased from 4X to 8X. I’m still getting used to the “edge” functionality. Holding the phone the wrong way can cause you problems when you are trying to take photos or review them.

pink-roseDealing with life in another country most of the time isn’t much different than living where you came from. Part of the problem with my lack of writing in the past couple of weeks had to do with things beyond my control. Multiple visits to the dentist every other day and sometimes twice a day, kept me from the keyboard. It also did little for my enthusiasm. But, the new bridge is finally in placepurple-bloom and I’m able to concentrate on other matters again. Things are still going well with the new apartment and I’m learning how to access all parts of the city via public transportation. I am experiencing a little sadness at the beginning of this month. This time of year is when I usually make my annual pilgrimage back to the US (Southern Illinois in particular) to visit family and friends. The move to a new place to stop the destruction of everything I own by salt air and humidity was costlier than I’d anticipated. So, no trip back this year. I will be brick-and-stumpreturning in August next year so that I can experience the full eclipse of the sun in the town where I’ve lived and worked most of my life, Carbondale, Illinois.

I haven’t been to a coffee and chat with Larry and the gang in a month for the same reason. Now, Larry will be returning to the US for a couple of weeks so it will still be awhile before the group gets together where I am concerned. My friend Kathy has moved out of the South American Explorer’s club and has a new apartment in San Borja. She seems to be very happy there so far. She’s also getting around a lot better now that she has that new hip. I enjoyed cocktails with Mona and Kelly last Friday. I got to stone-wheelhear about their trip to Mississippi and we discussed some politics as well as the status of family and friends. My friend Bob (of Bob and Silvia fame) had a huge party for his 70th birthday. Sadly, I did not attend. Still, from the photos on Facebook, I missed quite an event. From the smiles and wild antics in the photos, it appeared that everyone was in a very festive mood. Happy Birthday Bob, you’re now officially one year older than me for a whole month. LOL

Well, that’s it for this post. If you haven’t done it as of this reading, get up, get out, – move it or lose it. Exercise your body and mind, that’s something you will never regret.


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