Writing, the hits just keep coming; Photography; The Expat Life; Friends

moon-3As of this writing, it’s been a bad two weeks for my creative efforts at the keyboard. It seems that that the hits to my effort at getting into some sort of routine just keep on coming. I’ll go into the reasons in the Expat section of the post, but I’m sure that I haven’t added a hundred words to the book since my last post. I know that I will persevere through this drought despite the things that life is throwing at me in the moment of time. kitty-katThoughts on where I want to go with the story line and character development still dominate my day despite the problems that I am having to deal with at the moment. I’m sure not only every writer but every person has time periods in their life where uncontrollable events shift their focus away from things they would rather be doing. I’m hoping that this coming week things postswill calm done all those curve balls that keep getting tossed at me will come to an end and I can get back to work on the book.

Those efforts by the Gods of Chaos to stem my writing, haven’t affected my photography walks though. I’ve made it out several times, more for the stress release than the actual photography, but I took the camera and the act of looking for subject matter actually virgins-alterdistracted me from the issues. I am still working on expanding the range of themes in the pictures that I take. I’m also expanding the use of filters in my processing to get more startling effects with the pictures. Some of those are included with this post.

the-churchAll the little fastballs that life has thrown at me this past week are exacerbated by living as an expat. First, Steve’s car was vandalized. They stole the side mirrors and Yaris emblem from his car over a four-day period. This made us worry that the car was being marked by the thieves to be stolen. That has resulted in having to look for a garage close to the apartment that we could rent that was secure. Next, I developed an abscess on an incisor that resulted in me having to get a root canal. That the-guards-collectableprocess required two visits to the dentist. Between those visits I broke two of the teeth that support my bridge. Now I’m going to have to come up with the money to repair those two teeth which will then require a new bridge. That will involve some big bucks. Add to those, my stolen phone from two weeks ago and it would seem that the wheel of fate has reversed direction on me. All I can do is weather all this out and hope that some semblance of sanity returns soon. I’m not sure that I can afford much more of this.

Things with my friends on the other hand are on a positive 20160909livinginperukatrinaparque-kennedy-007note. We didn’t meet for coffee and chat this past Saturday due to a book sale but, Larry and I got to hook up with a couple of friends who were back in Peru to visit family and attend a wedding. We met up with Katrina and Oswaldo Friday morning and chatted for a few hours finding out all the great things that are going on in their life now. She still has a couple of years before she gets her PhD but he has found a job in engineering in the US. They seemed very the-gardeners-bikehappy. On Saturday my friend Kathy came into La Molina for a visit. We had lunch at a nice little care around the corner from my apartment, the Café Francés. The owner, Frank who is French, sat and chatted with us for a while. Kathy is recovering nicely from her hip replacement surgery and is nearly back to 100%. After my dental appointment n Wednesday, I met Bob (of Bob and Silvia fame) at Starbucks delivery-servicefor coffee. Afterwards we went over to Sarcletti and had a nice lunch while we chatted on all manner of subjects. Last Friday evening, I had the usual cocktails on the patio meeting with Mona and Kelly. It’s always fun catching up on the stuff happening at home. All my other friends are fine; FB helps me keep track of them. All that is except for my friend Jim in the Florida Key who had an accident while biking and broke both his elbows (OUCH). Wish him a quick recovery.

Well that sums things up nicely. I only hope that the string of bad luck for this household is over. I hope all of you have been keeping body and mind fit. Remember to get up and get out. Do something physical and creative this week. It’s really good for you, I promise!


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