Writing, shit happens; Photo Walks and editing them; The Expat Life; Friends, here and there

orange-and-yellowI was having a great couple of weeks working on the new book. Words, new characters, and plot developments were flowing out of the old brain like a fast flowing river. Then, as the old saying goes, shit happened. I was coming home from my Saturday morning outing on an overcrowded bus. When I forced my way out the door I could tell immediately that my beloved Galaxy S5 had been lifted from my pants pocket. The hibiscuspickpockets in Peru are obviously very talented, it takes me a bit of effort to get the phone out. This single event set into motion another series of events required to replace the phone and get it set up. As a result of the time that all that took, my writing as well as other projects have suffered.

Before that though, I had managed to add some words to the book and was quite happy with the direction my latest chapter was taking. The new “bad guy” characters that I was developing were beginning to come into full focus and cable-2the dialog between them spoke to their evilness quite well. Now, I have lost that focus and I’m hoping that this coming weekend, I will be able to refocus my efforts and get chapter 20 finished so that I can go back to the first ten chapters and make the editing changes my friend Mona has suggested. At least my new Galaxy S7 is now fully functional and although there are new things I love about it, they left off some features of the S5 I really liked. I’m still adapting to the wrap screen, not sure if I like it or not.

Naturally, the events just mentioned has taken a toll on my old-rosesphoto walks. On a good note, the new S7 has a much improved camera although the one on the S5 was very good in my opinion. I plan to get out with both my camera and my phone in the next few days to try and get some great new photos of things I may have missed in the past. I have a new photo editing program (free) on my PC called Autodesk Pixlr. It has some great filters and suits the minimal editing needs I old-roses-2have for working with my photos. So far, it’s a 5 Llama product in my book. Mostly, I play around with the contrast, light, resize, and crop functions; the program does all these jobs nicely. The two similar photos were ones I processed using it. I used one of the filters on one of them.

The loss of my phone made me realize its importance duck-3in my life as an expat. I like having a good reliable phone on me at all times. One never knows when an emergence will occur and you will need to contact friends who can help you. I worry mostly about medical type things. Falling and breaking something, an injury at the gym, or a car accident are a few. My wallet and money being stolen leaving me stranded, and other scenarios would also require me to call for help. I realize these things are probably true if you are not as expat but here, I am less likely to get the help I tricycleneed from complete strangers. I’ve also realized that I need to keep a card on me with the phone numbers of friends. There no way I can remember people’s phone numbers in the day and age.

The coffee and chat session was a lot of fun last Saturday. Larry, Carlo, and Dario joined me at La Bodega Verde for another round of scintillating conversation. Our friend Elle buzzed in a couple of times in her usual energetic style. All are doing well. Mona, Kelly, and I met up on Facetime for our regularcontest-2 Friday evening cocktails on the patio. We caught up on recent things happening in Southern Illinois. Then, they talked about the recent visit of Mona’s California branch of the family as well as the political climate in SI. They also are doing good. My friend Kathy has finally returned from her visit to California. We will be meeting up for a lunch this coming Saturday. My friends Katrina and Oswaldo are here on a short visit and I will be meeting them for a coffee tomorrow morning. At least this are of life is going really great. All is well in the lives of my other friends and family.

Well, once again, this brings another post to an end. I hope you all have been active physical and mentally. Get up, get out, do something to exercise body and mind. Till next time, have a fantastic week everyone.


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