Writing non-Stop; Photography Walks; The Expat Life; Friends Here and There

The centerMy fingers are a-tingle they have been dancing across the keyboard so often lately. The past week has been excellent when it comes to adding words to my latest book. I’ve completed two chapters and started new one. I desperately hope that I can continue this pace for the next few months. When this latest chapter is finished I will go back to my first 10 chapters and make the edits suggested my friend and grammar expert, Mona Stevens. After that, all twenty chapters will be sent to her for review again. At this point, I’m thinking the book will be from 35 to 40 chapters long (or 90,000 – 100,000 words). Yellow ROseNaturally, at the end of this process, I will send the book to my regular editors, Amanda White and Levi Novey, if they have the time to honor me with their expertise again.

In this latest chapter, I am developing my hero’s antagonist and gang of goons. The antagonist is easy, he’s already in my consciousness and almost completely developed. The four members of his goon squad are another matter though. I haven’t been able to bring all four into focus yet. That’s what my work on this chapter for the rest of the week will be all about.

Colorful RoseI’ve been able to get out for a few more photo walks this week. We’ve had a lot of rain here in Lima for the past week. A shocking event since the city is in the middle of a desert. It’s been like this for over two weeks now. I don’t remember this much moisture falling in the six years I lived in the suburb of San Borja. Anyway, I haven’t found the time to download and process the photos yet. I’m hoping to get to them this weekend. In the meantime, I’m posting some I took with my cellphone over the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

Since moving, I´m truly enjoying my time here in Monterrico. This past week I went andWhite Rose joined a local gym. I have put this off for far too long. I purchased a new special they are having on a three-month membership and have been there twice trying to get back in the exercise mode. Five days a week, one hour of cardio and 45 minutes of weights is my goal. My Aloe plants are in full bloom and I now have a hummingbird as a regular visitor to my balcony. He loves the nectar. I’m thinking of trying to find a feeder and set it up to attract more of them. We celebrated “Santa Rosa de Lima” this last Tuesday. She is the patron Saint of Lima. Look her up, it’s an interesting if not sad story. Many businesses were closed part if not all of the day. One of these days, after all this rain stops and the clouds clear out, I plan to get back to painting again. It’s long overdue.

The coffee and chat crowd met for illuminating conversation and a convivial gathering. As usual, we covered all manner of topics and amused ourselves with the political goings on in the USA. Cocktails on the patio didn’t happen this past week. Mona and Kelly had family in from California (commonly known as the Wild Bunch) and would be hosting a Succulentthem for the week. Having met them, I know they are having a blast. Azaad, Natalie, Mahlon and a bunch of other expats went to the opening of a new Indian Restaurant, “Guru,” this past week. It was apparently quite an event. My friend and fellow artist Ada, had started teaching classes in portrait painting. She´s not only a great artist, she’s one of the sweetest people I know. Wishing her every success. The rest of my friends continue to thrive where ever they are in the world.

Well, that’s it for another post. I hope you’ve been staying active both physically and mentally. Get up, get out – do something physical, a walk, a jog, work in the garden, anything; then read a good book, write a poem, paint or draw something, do some math problems, ponder the universe, anything that stretches the mind. Have a great week everyone.


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