Writing and Bad Guys, a better week; Photography and Walking; The Expat Life; Friends

Red and Yellow RoseThere were no responses to my question last week on how others work on their novels except for one from a friend on Facebook. She told me that she also writes by the chapter or until there is a break in the action or time sequence. The lack of response makes me wonder how many writers are actually reading my posts. On a better note, I feel like I am finally getting back in the writing grove. I finished up and edited another chapter as well as getting on good start on a new one. In that latest chapter I have decided that my protagonist needs more than justPalmtree Center 1 the murderer to deal with, he needs a more permanent antagonist who will follow him through sequels to this book if I decide to write them. He needs to be very intelligent, disgustingly evil, and a person who will be hard to bring to justice. A person more powerful than my protagonist, and I do not mean physically. I built the preliminary introduction to the character in the last chapter. I’m excited to bring him into the novel and add more obstacles for my hero to overcome.

WHite and PurpleIt was another good week for photography also. Several photo walks through new areas of the neighborhood gave me a chance to capture even more of the new area in which I live now. Flowers and plants still remain my favorite subjects but I am trying to expand my view if things into other areas. My one hope is to have the confidence to take candid shots of people on the streets one of these days. I Purple Flowerwould love to give you all a look into the daily lives of the people here in Lima and other areas of Peru. Time and courage will tell in the end.

Life as an expat in a foreign country always has its ups and downs. I have been fortunate to experience far more ups than problems in the seven plus years I have lived here in Peru. Thanks to social media I read daily Yellow Lily 1accounts of the things that some people have to deal with in this or other countries. They can be dealing with difficult landlords or neighbors, theft, assault, fraud, corruption, inefficiency, and incompetence among others. These problems can occur in all facets of life from healthcare to banking. I strongly suggest that if you are considering living in another country that you start out by renting an apartment for one to four months. See if you can shop, deal with transportation, like the area or city that you are considering, and deal with any bankingRed Blooms 1 you might have to do. Make friends, both expats and locals. Ask questions, read the newspapers, experience the entertainment that’s available, in other words, experience living your life there as much as possible before making the permanent move. Most importantly, be flexible, realize yor life is going to change and if you do it correctly, it will be for the better.

I don’t have much news about friends this post. Friday Palm Plant 1evening cocktails didn’t happen. Mona’s mother ended up in the hospital that day and Kelly’s gold tournament ran late. We did have a mini group for coffee and chat this last Saturday. Larry and Dario showed for a long conversation on our usual wide range of topics. The Queen of Barranco, Elle, stopped in on her way to walk. We got to hear about her experience with the giant dog Mini Pink Rosesthat jumped on her. Fortunately, there was no permanent damage. Carlo was off to Chile for a visit and Lon had an appointment with his trainer at the gym. My other friends here in Peru are doing fine as well as the ones back in the US and other parts of the world. I’m lucky to know people living in all corners of the globe. It makes for an interesting life.

Another post comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed the read. Remember my credo – get up, get out – move it or lose it. And, while you’re at it, get creative too, exercise that brain. Have a great week everyone.


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