Writing Ups and Downs; Photography; the Expat Life; Friends

Firehydrant 2As usual these days, my writing has had its good and bad moments. I started and finished a new chapter since my last post and have a small start of the newest one, chapter 18. Since starting that new chapter, I’ve gone into a stall again. There are plenty of nice coffee shops in my new neighborhood, so I may end up taking the little lap top out for a spin to see if that sparks my creative muse. I’m kind of Lonely Chairwondering if I’m the only writer to build a story this way in writing fiction. Everything that I have read tells you to write, write, write, and then divide it into chapters on the first or second edit. If there are writers reading this, please leave a comment telling me how you go about it. I’ll sum the comments up if you do and include the results in my next post.

Sunset 2On a good note, my photo walks are on the increase and I’ve manager to get a couple hundred new ones taken and processed. I’m sharing a some of them in this post. A friend of mine told me he’s tired of all the flower photos, so this post is dedicated to him. I’ve done my best to try and capture some of the more interesting things in the new neighborhood. One of my issues with photography is taking pictures of people on the street going about their business. It’s hard for me to capture these moments in people’s lives without their consent or knowledge. Some of Sunset 1my photographer friends have overcome this and gladly take the photo, approach the person, show them the photo or photos, ask for consent, and delete if it’s not given. I’m just not that brave yet, especially since I do not speak the language that well. Some day!

Neighbor DogAlthough my Spanish is horrible, I am getting better and more confident in having small conversations with people. My vocabulary isn’t large enough for it to be fluid but I’m trying. I find that the citizens of Peru are very understanding of my difficulties and do their best to communicate with me. I was walking through a park on the way to meet with some friends when one of the park workers tried to start up a conversation with me. A combination of her patience and my interpretation of the questions she was asking resulted in a twenty-minute conversation on why I had decided that Peru was the place to Golden WIndowretire. I walked away from that encounter feeling good about my progress with the language. I am not one of those people who picks up a language easily, especially the listening part. When I am having a lengthy conversation with someone, I invariably have to use the phrase “Habla más despacio por favor,” many times. In other news, my run of good luck with workers and repairmen continues. They have all been showing up on time and doing excellent work.

Sunset 3I enjoyed another evening of cocktails on the patio with Mona and Kelly last Friday. Kelly’s golf game is having its up and down moments. The deluge of rain continues to soak all of Southern Illinois causing Mona to delay work in her flower beds. Saturday morning’s coffee and chat session was well attended. Larry, Dario, Carlo, and Mahlon were there for an excellent round of discussions on all manner of topics. Elle stopped by on her run through Barranco. I bestowed the title of, “Queen of Yellow BirdBarranco,” on her for her excellent posts on Facebook about her life in the district and what it’s like to get back into an exercise routine when you’re no longer young. Long live the Queen! My friend Kathy will be returning to Peru the first of September. We are all excited to see her again. Steve started his first day of classes at the University (USIL) this past Monday. He’s excited about being back in school again. I’ve already had to help him with some homework that had to be done in English. LOL Something for his business ethics’ class. I’ve seen no bad news on the rest of my friends. According to FB, they are all leading fabulous lives.

Well, another post comes to a close. I’m hoping that all of you are exercising body and mind. Get up and get out, do something a little strenuous and try take on a project that will stretch your creativity. You know the saying – “Use it, or lose it.” Have a great week everyone.

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