Forced Writing; Expat Life; Friends and a Party

Pink Flower 2Despite my good intentions to jump back into the writing mode after my move to the new apartment, life and lack of will took over. First, I find it hard to write through a fog of flu induced mucous. A cold knocked out any will I had to write for a full week. After I recovered, several times I pulled up word, stared at the screen for thirty minutes to an hour, and then shut it down. I couldn’t think of where I wanted to go with the chapter or even the first word of a Tiny Pink 2new sentence. It was very frustrating and I used that as an excuse to couch surf the shows available on Netflix and do absolutely nothing. That period of days developed into guilt which eventually led me to open the chapter back up and write. So, yesterday (a Monday of all days), I forced seven hundred words onto the page and am back on track again feeling enthusiastic about working on the new book. I share these little tidbits because I know other writers fall into these traps and I hope they will help someone overcome whatever writing funk they are in.

Fire Rose 1On another front with my writing, I have my new desktop PC now. It’s fully loaded with everything I need and it’s so nice to be working on a big screen again instead of my little laptop. Instead of attaching this one to cable, I had a WiFi card installed. That means one less cable/wire hanging off the back. So far, the speed is great and the processor is able to handle the work I do with my photography.

We’ve finished fixing some of the problems with the new place. Something that is always Yellow Rose 2an adventure for an expat. The door to the laundry room has been expanded and we’ve been able to get our huge washer/dryer combo into the room and hooked up. It was great getting the laundry done. Minor problems in each of the bathrooms have been resolved by our new landlord as well as a few other little issues that needed fixed. I’m lucky I have Steve to deal with all of this stuff. I’m not nearly as White Rosepatient as he is. Sadly, Steve now has my cold and is holed up in his room trying to get well. This past weekend was one of Peru’s biggest holidays. Thursday was their Independence Day and Friday their Armed Forces Day. In addition to those two things, Peru’s new President was sworn into office. There’s a lot of hope among the people that he will be able to get something done about the corruption and crime here in Peru. It will be a herculean task since the congress is dominated by the opposing party.

My dear friends Bob and Silvia Lowry, hosted a party last Thursday to celebrate Peru’s Rose B&WIndependence Day. I got to see many friends there who I hadn’t seen in many months. Azaad and his daughter Nadia were there but unfortunately Natalie was sick (a cold). They have been traveling a lot over the past year so I was able to learn about all the wonderful sights they saw. Mahlon came, so we got to hear all about his trip to Belgium to visit his family. Ada and Jamie were there also. It was so good to see Hibiscus 2them again. They are doing well and Ada is working on her painting again. Carlos and Mariella came; I hadn’t seen them in a very long time either. Tom, Chris, Johanna, and many others were in attendance also. As their parties always are, it was a spectacular success and everyone had a great time.

This past Saturday I finally made it to coffee and chat. The Hibiscus 1first since out moving process started. On a recommendation from Isabel, a friend who lives here in La Molina close by, I used the buses to get there. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience. The buses she told me to use had plenty of leg room for me and the trip only took an hour and seven minutes. That’s only fifteen more than it took Pink Rose 3from my place in Chorrillos. First in was Dario on his bike. We chatted for a bit and he left before Larry and Mahlon showed up. Elle even stopped in on her run for a quick hello. As always, the conversation was lively and covered a wide range of topics.

Well, that’s it for another post. Sorry once again for taking so long to get it up. I hope you all are staying active mentally and physically. Use it or lose it, get up, get out – you’ll never regret it.


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