Writing and Moving; Friends; Expat Life

White and PurpleNo Internet, how in the world do you deal with that? In most of the world we are all so connected. As a writer, I not only depend on that connectivity for research, but for communication with publishers, editors, and others involved in my writing life. When the internet goes it feels like I’m writing with one hand, especially as an “expat” living in Peru. If you follow my posts, you know that I’ve Purple rainy day flowermoved to a new apartment recently in another part of Lima. The move left me without internet for one to two weeks. I will be able to write but there is always the chance that I will have to leave out paragraphs occasionally because I lack knowledge in a specific area. For me, having to leave my flow of thought and return to it possibly weeks later, presents problems.

Then, there is the move itself. Driving from one side of Lima to the other, four days each of the two previous weeks in search of Blue Rainy Day Flowerthe perfect apartment. Long hours in the car and dealing with the disappointment left me uninspired to say the least. Once found, the packing had to begin along with the actual move and unpacking. I’m sure you all know that once you have lived in a place long enough, you develop a routine. I certainly had mine, not only when it came to writing but also dealing with things that need to be done on a daily basis. Here in the new place, I will have Hibiscus Rainy Dayto establish new routines. The will include not only my writing schedule but finding stores to shop in, vendors to deal with, banks for the obvious, and other things that make up the routines of my life. I’ve done it in the past, many times over. You’d think it gets easier, it doesn’t. The actual moving does but settling in is a different process.

On a good note, it also means that I will be able to get out with my camera in a whole new area. I want to explore the area for things I’d like to capture images of and share them with all of you. I Blue Bloomalready know there are several parks close by and the foothills of the Andes can be seen in the distance. I may be able to follow up all the great sunset photos I’ve taken with some sunrises. I mentioned that I was taking a photo class with Shaw Academy. Well, I only made it through the first six classes before all of this startedWhite Flower 2 and now with no internet, I may not be able to finish it. I will see if I can sign up for the free classes again.

Four days later……

Well, we’re all settled into the new place. All but a few boxes have been unpacked, things put away, and the new place given a good scrubbing. This apartment, as far as living space, is much smaller than the previous Pink Roseapartments I’ve had here in Peru. But, I have a private balcony off my bedroom, there’s another off the living room, and an enormous terrace on the roof that is all ours. I obviously have internet already. We found out that a WiFi provider we used before (OLO), has service here in Lima. They also sell you their service on a monthly basis, so until we have our cabled service Isabel and Iinstalled, this will suffice and my withdrawals have abated. I’ve also had my first walk about with a camera and been able to get some nice photos in a couple of the parks in the new neighborhood.

Sadly, I got to wear the suit I had made when I first arrived in Peru for the second time. Antonio’s father (Steve’s half-brother), was killed in a fire in his apartment last Friday and we attended the funeral on Monday. What a horrible way for a person to die. On a Dual Rainy Day Flowersbetter note, I met up with my good friend and fellow photographer, Isabel, for coffee Wednesday morning. We had a great chat with some laughs and got caught up on the things going on in our life. Because of the move I haven’t seen my Saturday morning buddies but I know they are all doing well. My friend Mark has finally made the move back to the US. We will miss him greatly here in Peru and hope that he comes back often for a visit. Everyone else is fine, at least according to their FB posts. Azaad, Natalie and Nadia are back from Cuba safe and sound. I think they had a spectacular time. I hope to see them soon and hear all about it. Bob and Silvia and doing fine as are Jamie and Ada. Mahlon has returned from his trip to visit family in the Netherlands. He had a fantastic time.

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you all have been active physical and mentally. Get up, get out – do something creative. Till next post, everyone have a spectacular week.


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