Writing’s Challenges; Photography Class; Expat Problems: Movie Reviews; Friends

20160625_091800Sorry for the long delay again but my PC finally drew its last breath. I haven’t replaced it yet so I’m facing the challenge of writing on my little 10” laptop. I have managed 2,000+ words on the new book, which means that I managed to start and finish chapter fifteen despite the inconvenience. I’ll continue to plug along until I have my new PC or repaired PC up and running again. Not only does the small keyboard 20160625_091743and little screen slow me down but this laptop is not built for heavy internet searches. That has slowed down anything I have needed to look up is an effort to keep my book historically accurate. For example, what kind of handcuffs did they use in 1890? As any writer worth his salt knows, these little challenges are simply obstacle to overcome. I will continue till I have finished my goal.

20160625_093018I started taking an on-line photography class this past week with Shaw Academy. I’ve made it through three classes so far. They have been fairly basic but I’ve managed to learn a few new things. The eventual goal of the class is to get the photographer to quit using the automated features of his camera and to go fully manual. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, my photo walks have slowed down and I’ve been using my cell phone to take photos more often than my actual cameras. I did pull out my Canon EOS 40D this week and do some still-life work in my makeshift studio.

Dealing with living in a foreign country without being fluent in the local language always insets some difficulties in one’s life. Now that I have my new passport, I need to go to the Immigration Department in the center of Lima to get my entry stamp moved from the old passport to the new one. This means I have to have a Peruvian friend accompany me to deal with the language issues that I will encounter. Scheduling that has presented something of a problem. Add to that, my PC problem and you can see how things can start to get a little overwhelming. I’m fortunate in that I have great friends here to help me through all these problems. So, if you’re thinking of retiring to another country, make an effort to make and cultivate friendships with local people. Do not isolate yourself inside an expat enclave.

It’s time for us to start out search for a new apartment. We want to move as far away fromHibiscus the coast as possible. Thanks to the high humidity and concentration of salt from the ocean breezes, everything I own that has metal in it is rusting away. We will be looking in a neighborhood called La Molina, close to the foothills that are to the east of the city. This will add moving to the list of things that Glass and Red sparklesI will need a Peruvian friend to help me with. They have movers here in Lima and they are quite reasonable but once again, the language will present a barrier for me. I’ve already visited the area where we would like to find an apartment. It suits me better that the place I am living now. I will miss the beautiful ocean views and stunning sunsets but they have turned out to be an expensive treat.

I’ve watched a couple of movies in the past week. First was “Warcraft.” If you are a lover of fantasy novels, you will love this movie. It was fantastic and gets 5 Llamas from me with a recommendation to see it in the theater. Second, was the “Batman vs Superman” movie. I’m surprised that the critics panned the movie and Ben Affleck in particular. He wasn’t the best Batman ever but he was far from the worst. I give it 4.5 Llamas on my scale but it’s fine to rent this one and watch it at home with a big bowl of popcorn.

Last but never least, news about my friends. Since it’s been a couple of weeks since my last Weedsentry I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible. Larry and I met up for coffee and chat at the place where we first met, “Espige de Oro,” also in Barranco. It was great seeing the old place again. The next weekend, coffee and chat was attended by Mark Kennet, Larry, Carlo, and Ben Jonjack. Mark has finally overcome the obstacle to selling his apartment and looks to be leaving Peru soon. Ben 20160625_092957is here visiting for a couple of months with his family. He was the editor who recruited me to work for Living in Peru when I first moved here. That started my writing career. The Friday before last, I joined Mona and Kelly for cocktails. I got to hear all about their visit to DC and the sites they were able to visit. My great friends Bob and Silvia had a July 4th party. Sadly, I was unable to attend having come down with a bug the morning of the event. But, from the photos they posted it looked like everyone had a wonderful time, which made me feel doubly sad for missing it. Azaad, Natalie and their daughter Nadia are enjoying the beaches and sights in Cuba this week. The internet there is so bad, we’ll have to wait till they return to see the photos. As far as I know, all the rest are doing great.

Well, That’s it for another post. Hope you all are staying active both physical and mentally. Get up, get out, and do something good for yourself. Have aa great week everyone.


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