Writing or the Lack Thereof; Expat and a Passport; Winter; Friends

20160621_093255With a PC that perpetually on the verge of crashing, either temporarily or permanently, writing becomes a bit more challenging. The past couple of weeks has left me uninspired when it comes to writing. I had just finished a chapter before all the problems started and saved the document to both my hard drive and external hard drive when the PC shut itself down and wouldn’t come back up. That put the fear of writing into me. Since then, the PC has worked more often than not and has always come back up after letting it sit for 24 hours. I know, very strange, right? Well, I’ve decided to brave writing this document on it to Purple Flowersee how well it goes. I’ve changed my auto-save settings to every two minutes and to save the document on both my internal and external hard drive. We’ll see how that goes. If it works, I’ll start on my next chapter after I post this to WordPress and my other social websites. Wish me luck! I do have a small laptop (Acer 10” screen) that I use for writing when I want to work out of the apartment (i.e. a local café). But, I have trouble working on it for any lengthy periods of time – big hands, little keyboard makes for lots of typing errors.

Yellow DaisyI continued another expat adventure this week. I believe I’ve mentioned before that my passport was expiring at the end of the year and I had taken it in to get it renewed. That experience was very nice. This past week, I went in to get my new one at the appointed time. I was in and out of the Embassy in ten minutes. So, that made for another great experience. Now, I have to take my expired passport and new passport to immigration in the center of Lima and have my entry stamp moved from the old to the new passport. I’m hoping that experience goes well also, although I am 20160621_093348prepared for standing in a few lines, one of Peruvians favorite past times.

The Winter Solstice hit the southern hemisphere this past week and with it came Lima’s famous cloudy, humid, and chilly weather. The news even told us that the temperature in Lima dropped to 55F one night, the coldest temperature recorded in Lima in three years. I’m guessing that this might hail the end of El Niño and its 20160621_093758warmer temperatures. Living right on the beach has proved to exacerbate the chilliness with the winds coming in off the ocean. I’m hoping that our move inland to La Molina next month will lessen the effects of the season.

I have some news about several friends with this entry. First, my friend Mark Kennet has sold his apartment despite a small hitch with legal documents. I attended a going away party for him last Saturday at a friend’s house. Twenty or so showed up to enjoy drinks, pizza, and some quality time with our good friend before he sets off on a new life adventure. Everyone had a great time. Larry and I caught up at Bodega Verde before heading to the party and enjoyed catching up on the week’s events. Mona and Kelly were in Washington DC, so no cocktails this past Friday. I’m looking forward to hearing about their trip and what fun things they were able to do. My friend Kathy finally sent me a message. I was starting to really worry about her. She’s had the hip replacement surgery and is in a rehab unit working on getting back her strength. There are some minor setbacks,Pink and white none having to do with the surgery, but she is overcoming them all. She is going to have to delay her return to Peru for a couple of weeks. Her physical therapist tells her she will not be ready for the trip on her scheduled date. My sweet friend Silvia had a birthday this past week and her hubby Bob, threw another great party to celebrate it. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but from the posted photos, it looks like everyone had a great time.

Well, once again we come to the end. I hope you enjoyed the read. I’m sure all of you have been staying active physically and mentally. Use it or lose it – get up, get out, get physical, get creative. Have a great week all.


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