Writing and Interference; ExPat Life; Friends; Photography

Studio 1Well my friends, life threw another curve at me this week. I haven’t been able to add a single word to my book since last Saturday. At least it was a fruitful day. I’ll go into the reasons in the Expat paragraph. It figures that three excellent weeks of adding words would have to come to a halt for a period. It’s just how the universe works; I’m convinced of that my friends. The lack of a PC to work on here in my office has given me time to work on my character sketches and do a little more research on the time period. I tend to let the characters develop as I write the book and adjust them as I need to make the story more interesting. But, I’m thinking of changing that from now on and spend a little more time working up their psychological profile a Studio 4little deeper before I start writing. I need to especially concentrate on their faults and short comings and have the character work on making himself a better person throughout the story, or, at least realize his faults and use them to his or her advantage.

The multitude of problems you can encounter as an expat who doesn’t speak the language well is never ending. I thank my lucky stars that I have my friend Steve and a few others in my life here in Peru. This past week has been especially challenging. First, you all have heard about the problems I’ve had with the washing machine. Well, the company man finally showed up to finish the repairs. That took a ton Studio 3of phone calls to the company with them taking forever to finally get the part needed and the man here to fix it. In the end, it needed a new electronic board (think mother board on a computer), and that had to be tested at the store before it was brought to be installed. There is no way I could have pulled off all the calls and conversation with the repair guy to get that done.

Second on the list, both mine and Steve’s computed decided to give up the ghost the week. They were doing the strangest things. When you turned it on, everything would look fine. Then suddenly, without warning, the screen would go black. Then the PC would just sit there. Even a hard reboot would not work. When he took them to the guy who fixes these things for us, they would come up fine and work the entire time he had them. Then he would bring them back and the same thing would happen again. We are blaming this weirdness on the environment here on the beach. The salty air and humidity must be playing havoc with our electronics.Studio 2 For now, mine is working but Steve is having to rebuild his entire PC with new components. We will be moving away from the beach next month. I hope that solves all our problems. But to stress my original point again. I am not savvy enough with Spanish to have a PC repaired or even understand what the repair guy might be telling me. Both instances would make me ripe for people to defraud me on charges for services.

Now on to more pleasant topics. I did have the chance to do some studio photography this week, testing some methods told to me by a Selfie 2friend on Tumblr. They are included in this post and I am very pleased with them. It was fun doing it and I think I may expand on my original concepts some and see how incorporating more difficult objects might work out.

Time with friends this past week was at a minimum. Cocktails with Mona and Kelly, only involved Kelly. Sadly, Mona’s mother fell and broke her hip that morning. Mona was at the hospital with other members of her family making arrangements for surgery the next day. The surgery went well but Mona’s life has gotten a lot more complicated as aCoffee result. She is the primary caregiver to her Mom. Kelly and I had a nice talk on our own though. I’m hoping they get to take a break from all this over the coming weekend. Coffee and chat at Bodega Verde was a bust. Carlo and Dario canceled and Larry was so late I had already left when he arrived. I did manage to add quite a few words to the book at Starbucks before that so the day wasn’t a total bust. Otherwise, as far as I know, all my friends are doing OK.

That’s another post for the week folks. I hope you are all doing the best you can to stay active physical and mentally. Use it or lose it folks. Have a great week everyone.


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