Writing Spurts; ExPat Stuff; Politics in Peru; Alice Through the Looking Glass; Friends

Orange Tree BloomSince last week, other than the occasional interference from life events, my writing streak has continued. I’m thinking that with my move to a new apartment in July, I’m going to make sure that my office set up is nowhere near a television or other distracting device. I polished off chapter 13, started chapter 14,Tiny Pink Roses and decided to add more to the end of chapter 13. With the distractions I will mention later, I still managed 3,000+ words and am very happy with that. I have found that on occasion, I tend to trap myself in a scene and then have to stop and think my way out of it. For example, I have a big storm brewing on the horizon and my protagonist is on horseback and has to decide whether he should pursue a new lead or head back into town and sit the storm out. I want to send him into the storm but then I need to consider how bad that’s going to be and what effect that will have on him Odd flowering succulentand what he will find at the hobo camp where he is headed. I find that I can usually dream my way out of these little glitches but that hasn’t happened yet. Thus, I am working on my web post today.

Another expat problem presented itself in the last ten days.Yellow with Fly A new stacked washer dryer combo we purchased in the six months decided to go on strike, at least the washing machine part. The repair people showed up promptly and in about an hour had figured out that the main board in the machine had gone out. It then took them 10 days to order the part (from Mexico), get it to Peru, and test it. The problem came with them giving us a few dates Pink Rosethey would be here only to cancel that day. It was frustrating to say the least. Thank goodness, I have people with me to deal with these difficult situations. My Spanish will get me around the store, get me to where I want to go in a taxi, or order in a restaurant. But, it’s nowhere good enough to deal with people who repair, build, or install stuff. If you’re going to move to a country where you do not speak the language, learn it beforehand.

The second round of voting has taken place in Peru’s Presidential election. They still don’tYellow Hibiscus have a winner with 99.1% of the votes counted. There are only 39,000 votes separating the leader (Pablo) from his opponent (Keiko). The people who do the counting have told us they will announce the winner Friday and I imagine there will be one very unhappy person when that happens. I don’t know if a Orange Rosecandidate can call for a recount in Peru or not. If they can, I imagine it will happen. I doubt much will change here in Peru regardless of the winner. They are both middle of the road candidates but there are many who fear that Keiko is like her father and will want to become a dictator. It’s especially worrisome since her party holds more that 50% of the seats in the congress. More on this in my next post.

I saw the movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass” this past Velvet Roseweek. I’m not sure why the critics panned the movie. I found it to be a visual feast with special effects that dazzled. The plot is the plot, it is a children’s story after all so I have no comments on it other than to say I haven’t read the book and now I think I need too. I wasn’t enamored of Johnny Depp’s acting but he Tiny Yellowwasn’t in the movie that much. The others held their own and I did love the character “Time.” I would give it 4 Llamas on my scale with a recommendation to see it in the theater. It deserves to be seen on the big screen.

My interactions with friends was at a minimum this week. Internet problems on my end prevented me from sharing a cocktail or two with Mona and Kelly this weekend. But, now we’ll have two weeks to catch up on. Coffee and Chat was a lively event this week. Carlo brought his new camera and Dario and I helped him figure out how to turn the flash off in the manual mode. Larry was present also and the conversation during the rest of the gathering was as diverse and interesting as always. My friend Mark Kennet is back in Lima.Pink Hibiscus He’s selling his apartment and moving back to the US. There are a lot of people here in Peru who will greatly miss Mark. His generosity, kindness, and intellect made him many friends here. Kathy is still in the US trying to get all the medical work done that she had scheduled. It is still a couple of months before she will return. Everyone else is doing fine. And it appears that my streak of at least one visitor from the US will continue through this year. A small group will be coming in November.

Well, that’s another post under the belt. I hope all of you have been exercising body and mind. They are the only ones you will have so take care of them. Get up, get out – use it or lose it as the old saying goes. Have a wonderful week.


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