Writing and no TV; Volleyball Again; Passport Renewal as an Expat; Photography; Friends

VB2For the past ten days or so, I have been without cable TV. The television sits right next to my desk where I do most of my writing. I’ve had an incredibly creative few days while working on the new book. I’ve added well over 5000 words and completed two new chapters. I’ve also found myself feeling considerable less stress without CNN pounding horrible depressing news into myVB3 soul every day. At this point, I think I’m going to leave it in its nonworking state and hope that this burst of work that I’ve been able to accomplish continues. I’ve even come up with a new plot twist in the middle of the night for the new book. I find that my brain tends to center on things I’m working on when I don’t have the TV distraction. I need to remember this little lesson and keep things that can become distractions out of my work area. Listening to classical music and opera while I work is most assuredly more conducive to creative work, at least where I’m concerned.

Tiny WHite 2The lack of the idiot box has also motivated me to get out with the camera. I managed to work in a couple of nice walks this past week with camera in hand and they produced some very nice photos which are included in this post. Late fall is working its way into winter here in LimaPelican and although the temperatures stay in the temperate range (60 – 68F) in the winter, the flowers I love to photograph so much will disappear soon. When that happens, I’ll need to concentrate on some studio work. Less exercise but just as much fun. They also held another Beach Volleyball tourney this past weekend and on Sunday, the sun actually broke through and I managed to get a few good photos of the action. I love watching the young men and women play. They’re very talented.

Three BeautiesMy expat in Peru lesson for this week is about renewing an expiring passport. Mine will not expire till the end of this year but I’ve decided to start the process early since I plan to return to the US for a visit again this coming October. I could wait till I’m there but any delay in the process would result in a delay to my return to Peru and incurring additional expenses with the airlines for changing my flight plans. The process is Beach 2simple where I am concerned. I was able to fill the form out on the US Government website and print it out. Then, I had to make an appointment at the Embassy here in Lima, show up with two current passport photos, and $110 for the cost of the new passport. With all that in hand, I showed up for my appointment at the allotted time. The staff at the Embassy were friendly and helpful although they didn’t like the background on my photos so I had new ones taken there at the Embassy at minimal cost. They handed me a receipt, returned my still valid passport, and asked me to return in 21 days with my old passport to pick up the new one. It’s an amazingly simple process. I’ll let you know if I actually receive it in the 21 days as promised.

Out of focusI didn’t get to spend any time with my friends here in Peru this past week although communication through Facebook and other social media was maintained. They are all still doing well and my good friend Larry Pitman of “Coffee and Chat” fame had a birthday this past week. I’m sure I will hear all about it at our next get together. I did have cocktails with Mona and Kelly this past Friday via Facetime on our iPads. We chatted about a wide assortment of stuff including my plans for returning home this fall. Steve is doing well and looking forward to returning to University in August to finish his degree. I think he’s planning on graduating with a double degree now. One will be in Civil Engineering and the other in Computer System Engineering.

Well, that’s another one in the books. I hope all of you are staying active mentally and physically. As I always say – use it or lose it! Get up, get out – you’ll never regret it. Have a great week everyone.


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