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Barranco StreetI’ve had a spectacular week at the keyboard. Lots of words added, a chapter finished, and a new one started. I’ve slowed down a bit towards the end of the week but I’ve had me reasons. I’ll mention them a bit a little later. I’m also going to have to fill out a minor character a bit due to some changes I will be making in one of the chapter’s I’ve already finished. Leading your readers to false conclusion is imperative in a murder Pink Rosemystery but they should be able to realize their mistake right along with the detective. The good part, for some reason I find it more interesting and fun to develop the really evil villains. I’m happy with my progress so far but the book will take as long as the book takes. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in writing the first three, it’s that I can’t rush myself.

I’ve received two more excellent Orange bloomreviews on my latest book, “City of Death.” Click on the title to check them out and/or to purchase any of my three novels that are available in print or for the Kindle.

Other than an early morning walk in Barranco and a couple of photos taken here in Cedros de Villa, I haven’t had much of a chance to get out with my camera. In my defense, there has been very little sun here this week and the light has been rather dismal. I think I may need to set up another studio shoot here in the apartment. Also, it looks like they are setting up for another beach volleyball tournament here on the beach this weekend so that will give me an excuse to get out and try for some more action shots.

Cocktails on the patio with Mona and Kelly was an exercise in White Flowerspatience last Friday. The internet connection between the US and Peru gave us a lot of problems during the first forty minutes, lots of up and down. Thankfully the issue resolved itself just as we were ready to give up. Saturday morning coffee and chat was nice. Dario and Larry were the only shows but we still maintained a lively conversation. I did Yellow Hibiscuslearn a lot from the two of them about the goings on in the current Peruvian Presidential elections. My friend Kathy had her hip replacement surgery delayed due to some funky test results. They cleared those up but as of my last communication with her, the surgery hadn’t been rescheduled yet. I had some communication with my friends Bob and Silvia this week. So far things are going well with them. All the other hard working friends I have here in Peru are doing fine.

Yesterday (Thursday) my dear cousins lost their mother to Mom and SiblingsAlzheimer’s. She was in a home for years due to the disease so we are all happy that her suffering has come to an end but sad at the loss of yet another family member to this horrible disease. My Aunt Vinida was the last of my Mother’s siblings. They are all gone now, Marion, Donald, Irene (my mother), Oscar, and Vinida. The picture posted here is of them at a happier time in the bloom of their youth. They were just getting ready to leave the nest or to start families. I miss them all as well as those on my Father’s side. They live on in their family’s memories of them and in their Red Rosechildren and grandchildren. There is too much loss at this time in my life. I suppose it can’t be helped but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Peace and love to all of you.

That’s it for this entry. Don’t let life bring you down. Fight for your happiness, love those around you, and spread joy in this world while you can. Get up, get out, move it or lose – exercise body and mind. Have a wonderful week everyone and please remember those fallen soldiers who have given their lives in the defense of our freedoms.


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