Writing, the keyboard calls; Expat Problem; Friends; Photography

StarburstI’ve received the comments and suggestions from my readers. Although they each lauded the story, they all had a small problem with the first chapter. Apparently, it’s a bit too slow and I’ve spent a few too many words describing the living quarters of my main character for them to be in the first chapter. I was a little worried about that but had followed the writing style of one of my favorite authors. It will take me a bit to figure out how to Cactus and Wallspice up that piece of writing. In the meantime, one reader did me the honor of pointing out several grammatical gaffs and some run on sentences. I will work on those as I strive to finish up the newest chapter; I started it over this past weekend to give myself something to work on. As this is my first murder “mystery,” I have having to tread carefully so as not to give away the identity of the killer too easily. I did read something from a prominent author of the mystery genre. He said the reader should be able to figure out the killer along with the detective. Obscure clues given by the detective at the last minute should be avoided.

Sunset 1I must admit that I have struggle with chapter 11 so far. I sit at the keyboard, type a sentence or two, get distracted by things I have to deal with, and the next thing I know my writing time is gone. It can get frustrating.
One of the problems I encountered in this past week has to do with being an “expat” and living in another country. Although I’m not truly an expat according to the true definition of the word, I’m living in Peru because I am retired and the cost of living in this country is substantially lower than it is in the USA. The problem started when I used XOOM to transfer funds from my account in the US to my account here in Peru. The transaction hit an electronic snag just before the money went into my account here. A call to my bank here in Peru was useless to say the least. Calling XOOM, I did get some attention from the company but did not Yellow Hibiscus 2receive any notices on the progress of their inquiries. Four days later, the funds were actually placed into my account and XOOM notified me. No word on the whys and wherefores were included. My solution will be to transfer needed funds a few days earlier than my present schedule.

Because of the four days of worry (I’m that kind of person), my creative juices decided to take a holiday. As a result, not only has my writing suffered, I Plumeriahaven’t made it out for a photography walk around in the past week. To make up for that I pulled up files on some older trips I had made and went through them so I would at least have some to post with this entry. I am promising myself that I will get out this coming week and try to find new and interesting things to present here and on my social media sites.

Time spent with friends in the past week was excellent as always. Cocktails with Mona andRed Flower 1 Kelly whizzed by as we chatted and caught up on stuff in our lives. Mona is one of my trusted readers and we spent some of the time discussing my newest book. The big story, my good buddy Caesar, their dog, got snipped the week before and was still recovering. He’s the sweetest Pit-bull and I enjoy our games of tug-o-war and fetch when I’m visiting Pink Hibiscus 3them. Coffee with my friends Larry, Carlo, and Dario was educational and yet entertaining at the same time. As always we covered a large range of topics. Larry came early and we discussed the ten chapters I’ve mentioned as he is one another of those trusted readers I mentioned. Sadly, I haven’t seen any of my other friends here in Peru in far too long. But, thanks to Facebook and other social media sites, I know they are all doing well, having fun, and living their lives to the fullest.

Well, that’s another post under the belt. Hope you all enjoyed the read. Remember to get up, get out – use it or lose it; both body and mind. Have a fun week filled with laughter and love everyone.


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