Writing and Inspiration; the Beach; Friends; Photography; a Movie Review

White RoseOnce again, a lack of inspiration has kept me away from the keyboard. As a result, I’m a few days late with my post again. My apologies for that to all my friends and readers. I finished off chapter ten of the new book and sent what I’ve completed to a few trusted readers. Their opinion on this new book is very important to me since it is a deviation from the previous books I’ve written. The new book, now tentatively titled “Bone Gap Road: Autumn’s Kill,” takes place in 1890 in a small town in Southern Illinois. It’s still a murder mystery style book but my main character will be limited in the Rose Budforensic techniques he can use to solve the murder. In addition to that, keeping the characters, their clothes, tools, and homes true to the times will present additional trials for my writing. I am loving the research though and have already learned a great deal about the times and what people were thinking then. For those of you who think politics have degraded into something very nasty, well, it hasn’t changed much over the years. The ugly comments from candidates and the media haven’t changed much.

Rose BudI’ve essentially taken the last five days off from writing except for a few words here and there. As soon as I have comments from everyone whose seen the new manuscript, I will jump back in full throttle. Like I said – inspiration, which really shouldn’t keep you from the page in truthfulness, turned into laziness. Time to break out the self-flagellation whips and beat myself back to the computer.

The weather has been beautiful in the past week with moderate temperatures and low humidity. That has brought the volleyball players to the beach almost every day. I love standing at the railing on my terrace and watching the players hone their skills with a combination of practice and matches. These young men and women take the game seriously and are tremendous athletes.

I haven’t made it out with the camera since last week so it’s imperative that I get out this Yellow Flowersweek. The last blooms of fall need to be captured before they are gone. That inspiration/lazy thing affects more than my writing.

I watched an older movie this week, “Last Vegas.” It was a combination of hilarity and sadness which struck a chord with me. Starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline; these four aging men meet up in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. The Douglas character (aged 70) is marrying a 32-year-old. Old rivalries, problems in their lives, and a lucky streak at the blackjack table provide for some humorous moments as well as tension between the characters over incidents in their past lives. It’s worth renting, especially if you are also of a certain age. I give it 4 Llamas on my rating scale.

White FlowersI enjoyed the first round of cocktails with Mona and Kelly after their return from Mexico. We caught up on the rest of their trip and things around Southern Illinois. Saturday was a lot of fun. I managed to finish up chapter 10 at Starbucks before meeting Larry, Dario, and Carlo for a good round of conversation on all manner of topics. Towards the end, Larry’s wife Lucha joined us and talked us into going to a local pub for a beer where the good times continued. The artisan beers here in Lima are a lot stronger than the beer I drank back in the US. Sunday was Mother’s Day so I spent it reflecting on how much I miss both of my parents. Steve took his mother out to a nice lunch where he presented her with a beautiful silver bracelet. She looked very happy in the photos I saw. My other friends herein Peru are all doing well. They all are more socially active than I am and from the fotos posted on Facebook, it looks like the good times are rolling.

That’s it for another post. Once again, sorry for its lateness. I hope you are all staying active physically and mentally. Get up, get out, do something creative and live your life to the fullest till the end.


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