Writing, a good week; Photography; Winter’s coming; Friends

Yellow RoseI managed an excellent week at the keyboard. I added six thousand words to the book overall and am working on the tenth chapter now. My sole goal for the coming week is to match that output again. I do not want another bad week to follow a good one. Once I’ve finished the Sunset 2tenth chapter, I’m going to send the book to my sister and her husband. I need them to let me know that I’m on the right track with this story. That I’ve captured the time period and local adequately and wrapped that around the start to a good murder mystery. A couple of my other editor/readers will get the chapters also.

Rose B&WMy book sales keep plugging along, slowly but surely. I can only encourage my friends, readers, and supporters to continue to recommend the book and write a review for me on Amazon. I you haven’t purchased the new book, City of Death, click on this title for the link to purchase it. If you haven’t read the first two, Sacrifice: The Prince Charming Murders or The Suitcase Murders, click on that title for the link. Your support for an INDIE author is truly appreciated.

I made it out with the camera this week on a beautifully sunny Trumpet Flower B&Wmorning and managed to capture the photos in this post. I hope you enjoy them. My photography outings suffered as a result of my writing output this week, but it was worth it.
The weather vacillated here in Lima this week between sunny fall days and cloudy winter ones. The temps haven’t Pink Hibiscus 1made it out of the mid 70’s here in Cedros de Villa for the past couple of weeks with a drop into the high 60’s at night. All too soon old man winter’s icy hands will be in full control and the sun will only make rare appearances until our spring. Unlike most people here, I enjoy the gloomy weather, it inspires my writing.

I met my friend Larry and Carlo for coffee this week. Out Red Rose and Beeconversation wandered through multiple topics as usual some of which were fairly heavy and very personal. Regardless, it was a good time in good company as always. I also joined Mona and Kelly for a last round of cocktails in Mexico before their return to the USA. Always a good time and they were definitely wanting to stay longer this time. Both are a nice bronze Sunset 3color now from hours spent by the pool enjoying the beautiful weather in Cozumel. Kathy is now back in the US getting ready for her hip replacement surgery. Everyone send well wishes her way. My friend Mahlon, took a spill down some stairs and cracked his Strange Fruitpatella, which then required surgery. Lon could use some of those well wishes also. He’s hoping to recover enough to travel to Europe to visit family. Azaad and Natalie are doing great. They are the most social people I know next to Bob Birds in Flightand Silvia who are also doing fine. Dario is very busy with his new job which will no doubt put a little damper on his social life. Jamie and Ada are still slaving away at their specialty meat business. It seems to be doing well and they are getting new customers all the time. Steve is doing great and like everyone else I know is making plans to celebrate the upcoming Mother´s Day with his mom.

Well, that’s it for this post, not a lot of substance but plenty of information. LOL Hope you are all getting up and getting out – exercising body and mind. Have a great week all.


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