Writing, Reviews; Winter’s Call; Volleyball; Friends

VB5Why is it that a good week of writing is always followed by a bad one? At least in my case this seems to be true more often than not. Feeling a touch of yuckiness, a week with more than the normal number of social contacts, and trying to catch up on rest as a result all contributed to my lack of creative energy. I did manage to add a few hundred words to the new book but nowhere near the number I VB8had planned. It can be frustrating at times but in the end, I have to force myself to sit at the keyboard at the appointed time and write. My friends Amanda manages two thousand or more words a day with her writing and I aspire to her goals. I understand that this is Stephen King’s daily goal also as well as a few other well-known authors.

VB7If you’ve followed my musings for any length of time you will know that my favorite author is John Sanford, (the Nome-de-plume for Pulitzer Prize winning writer, John Camp), of the Prey series and other amazing crime novels. His character descriptions, dialog, background settings, and plot development are truly incredible in my view. I haven’t read all of his books yet and I’m not reading them in order which really doesn’t matter much. What I am doing is reading them slowly and trying to savor every word. This is the author I want to emulate (not copy). I’m currently reading “Silken Prey” and a little more than mid-way through the book he makes a reference using his main character VB2to the writing of Edgar Allen Poe and his use of weather to create mood and reflect meaning. He then goes on to call that a literary conceit since murders and horrible things happen on nice days also. It was a thought that had never occurred to me and gave me an VB4idea for scenes in the new novel I am working on. Good writers already know this – read, read, read, and read more. This is the way to improve your skills.

Winter’s long cold icy fingers are scratching at the edge of our beautiful fall here in Lima. The past week has been a series of cloudy days with nearly cold breezes whipping in from the ocean. I’d like a little warmer sunny fall weather if you please.

In last week’s post I mentioned the earthquake in Ecuador and its deadly results. The VB6death toll has now risen to over 600 with more than five thousand injured. Once again I plead for you to help if you can.

This past weekend, they held another beach volleyball tournament in front of my apartment. From my observations, this one was even better than the first. I stopped by both days to enjoy the matches and snap some photos. The teams I watched play were excellent with amazing skills. One young man in particular had a blistering serve that nearly felled the opponents that tried to put it into play for a return. The sportsmanship was obvious as teams and spectators who watched the matches VB3cheered on both sides equally. The young man, Jorge, who organized the tournament even took the time to stop by and thank me coming and enjoying the matches. When I move from this apartment the first of August, there are things I will miss, this is one of them.

I enjoyed spending time with friends this week also. I hooked up with Mona and Kelly in Mexico for a few cocktails. They were happy to be in warm weather near the beautiful sea. I met Larry and Carlo for coffee and a long chat between visits to the volleyball matches. Most of the conversation centered on esoteric stuff. On Sunday morning I met Kathy for breakfast at VB1Globo’s in Miraflores. We had an interesting rather long talk that kept sliding into politics despite my best efforts to stay away from the topic. I ran into Dario on his bike on the way, he has a new job and is doing really well. She will be leaving for the US next moth for hip replacement surgery. I hope that turns out well for her. Sunday evening, Steve and I went to the movies and saw the latest Huntsman movie. Despite the reviews, I rather enjoyed it. Great special effects and Charlize and Emily were stunning in their evilness.

Well, another one comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed the read and have been busy keeping your body and mind active. Get up, get out, stay active – you’ll never regret it. Have a great week everyone.


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