Writing, Reviews, and Editing; Photography; Earthquake in Ecuador; Friends

CoffeeI had another strong week of adding words to paper, or in reality, words to my hard drive. I managed to add and finish two new chapters, start aSunset third, finish a fourth, and edited/added more words to a few old ones. Despite a successful week, I was hoping for better. For those of you who do, what spurs you to write every day? Do you set aside a scheduled time and come hell or high water, you write? Do you write till the words stop coming? Do you force a certain number of words each day? I know that most writers have figured out what works best for them. It seems that I haven’t gotten there yet.

Barranco Beach 2New book sales, City of Death, are still doing OK, disappointing but OK. I’m torn between flooding my social media sites with advertising and just hoping that the two five star reviews I have received will encourage more readers toMoon and clouds purchase the book. You can tap on the title and it will take you to the Amazon site to purchase them. A high note for me this week, I was at a party and the hostess (a dear friend), had ordered a hard copy be brought into Peru so that I could autograph it for her. Although exhilarating when it happens, it still feels a little weird for me when it does.

BankMy photography had suffered slightly this week. Although I’ve managed to get some great sunset shots as well as a couple of nice beach shots, I haven’t made it out for a photo walk in over a week. As much as I love living on the beach, the surrounding neighborhood is less than inspiring when it comes to photography. The residents of this area have not developed pride of ownership yet. The parks are full of dog doo and Limayou have to be careful where you step on the sidewalks, not only because of the DD. Empty lots are full of trash and people seem to think the beach and ocean are trash cans. This area has serious potential and the people here have been very nice to me, I just hope they start taking better care of what they have.

RoseIn this past week our neighbor to the north, Ecuador, suffered a major earthquake followed by a number of aftershocks. This morning’s news has put the death toll at 413 but I doubt the number will stop there. The devastation is incomprehensible,Rose Bud thousands of people now without homes, drinking water, food, safe places to sleep, and much more. For those of you who are able, I plead for you to donate to the relief efforts. Most of the people affected by this are the poorest of BSP 2the poor. They need your help. I only know a few people who live in the area affected by the quake and they are all safe. I thank all the stars in the sky for that. We didn´t feel the quake here in Lima but I am unsure of the extreme northern part of Peru. It was felt and serious damage was done in Guayaquil, Ecuador which is very close to the Peruvian border.

My interchange with friends this week was limited to a party I attended on Saturday at my good friends Bob and Silvia Lowry’s home. Although there was a somber moment where Bob shared some disturbing news with us that I will not share here, the party was a BSP 1delight and I was able to give some of my very good friends hugs. Mahlon, Jamie, Ada, Natalie, Jo, and Carlos were a few of the friends there. We enjoyed some of Jamie’s delicious spicy burgers grilled to perfection which were accompanied by a plethora of side dishes supplied by the hosts and guests. A few of us finished the evening with some coconut ice-cream covered with a shot of chocolate infused Kentucky Whiskey, a gift from Jo Self to the hosts. It was a great afternoon/evening.

That’s another post under the belt, I hope you enjoyed the read. Please remember my mantra – get up, get out, exercise body and mind. The sooner you start the better but it’s absolutely NEVER too late.

Have a great week all.


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