Writing, Editng, Research; the Dentist Again; Friends; Traffic; Peruvian Politics

ButterflySales of my new book “City of Death,” are doing fine. The numbers are not as high as I hoped but it’s hard to tell with theGuitar B&W
Prime KDP deal since they don’t show up in sales. Between checks of the sales reports, I am still working on my newest novel. It will be the first in a new series called “Bone Gap Road.” I’ve managed to expand some chapters that I’d already finished, started a new one, edit as I work and reread (can’t help myself with that one), and do more research on the time period. Did you know that catnip was imported into the US from Eurasia? I didn’t but I also can’t find a date that the first plants came into the country. I wantedBoug to use it in a scene with the puma in my story but am afraid to since I want to be historically accurate. I can always add it later if I run across a reference in the future. I’m managing to stay on my writing schedule, which is the thing that I didn’t manage on my last book. I’m still hoping I can finish this book before the end of the year and then start the final editing process.

I made my second visit to the dentist this past week. Hardly any White Flowertranslation was necessary this time. He finished cleaning the area where I was having the problem and recommended that I switch Sunsetto an extra soft toothbrush. This time, no charge. But, he wants to deal with the slipping bridge I mentioned in my last post so I have to return in a month to start that process. I can’t imagine how much this would have cost in the US, even with insurance.

The thing I have noticed in these last two visits was the increase in Lima’s traffic. The number of cars and poorly skilled drivers seems to have increased substantially. I haven’t noticed it so much in the past year as I have been using Lima’s Metro bus system which has dedicated lanes. I’m usually too busy people watching on the bus to notice what’s going on with the traffic in the other lanes. People Leaf Colorwatching gives me ideas for characters and I use them freely in the books I write. All the expat types who live here, especially the ones who drive, complain vigorously about the lack of law enforcement when it comes to traffic.

This past Sunday, Peru held their Presidential elections. Because no one received fifty plus percent of the vote, there will be a second round of voting between the top two vote-getters. That means that Keiko Fujimori and Pablo Kuchinski will be in a runoff. From the Leaf B&Wcomments I’ve seen online from the expat community, they think that these two are the best choices the people have had in decades. It’s difficult to tell who might win this election. There are a lot of Peruvians who strongly dislike Keiko and in particular her father who is in prison for a long list of crimes. Many think she is only running to pardon her father. My personal opinion is that Pablo is the better of the two candidates strictly on political views. It remains to be seen whether or not those who voted for the other candidates will switch to Keiko or Pablo. Peruvian politics is always a good show.

Friday evening cocktails this past Friday with Mona and Kelly was Plumeriaentertaining as always. Kelly has taken up basketball (old man style LOL) at a local gym. He still seems to be enjoying it. Soon they will be in Mexico enjoying their annual vacation. Saturday morning, I met Mark in Starbuck where we had a long conversation on being an expat, politics, and why we Trash Manmight leave Peru. Afterwards we headed over to Bodega Verde where we met Larry and caught up on personal stuff. Later we were joined by Charles and his wife for a short time before calling it a day. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen quite a few of my friends and I hope to Cloudsremedy that this coming weekend when I will attend a party at Bob and Silvia’s. Azaad, Natalie, Jamie, Ada, Dario, and others will be there so I can hear firsthand what they have been up to.

Well that brings another post to a close. I hope you have all been staying active mentally and physically. Use it or lose it as the saying goes. Also, here is another plug to buy my latest book, City of Death. Just click on the title, it should be a link to the Amazon site.

Have a great week everyone and be good to yourself, you deserve it.


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