Writing; Friends; Earthquakes; a visit with my Dentist

At workAnd once again, I have allowed myself to go far too long without posting to this page. I am frustrated at my inability to sit myself down at the keyboard on a regular schedule and update the Fernandoprogress on my writing, tell about my life as an expat, and share the experiences I have with my friends. I promise to try and get myself back on some sort of schedule.

Sunset 5The latest book is on the market and sales, as well as reviews, are progressing as expected. Once again, here’s the link to purchase my latest novel, “City of Death” and the other two “Sacrifice: The Prince Charming Murders” and “The Suitcase Murders.” All three of my books take place in Lima, Peru. They are in the crime/thriller category. My main character, Major Rodriguez, Daylight Moonand his squad work to solve crimes in this mega city with its huge population of poor and the mega wealthy that control the country. I work hard at giving the reader a feeling for what Peru is like outside of the fiction and creating stories that are unique and interesting. I hope, if you choose to purchase one of my books, that you truly enjoy the read.

While I monitor the progress of these, I am working hard on my next book, a departure from the story line of the other three. My newest novel will take Sunset 3place in the 1890s in a small county in Southern Illinois. It will also be in the crime/thriller/mystery genre with a Sheriff who fancies himself as a Sherlock Holmes. As with my previous books, I am putting in a lot of time researching the time period and lives of people in the area where the book takes place. My tentative title to the new book is “Bone Gap Road; The Silk Ribbon Murder.” I’ve written about 12,000 words so far and have several future chapters lightly outlined. I find that as I Sunset 7write, I tend to change the story too much as better plot lines come to mind to plan too far ahead. I’m still hoping to get his novel written in under a year. Unfortunately, I’m not a fast writer.

I’ve been worried over the past several months at the lack of small earthquakes in the area of Lima. I figure that a lot of little releases with keep another big one from happening. Ten days ago we had a Big Wavenice one, as far as mini quakes go. The windows rattled, my couch moved a little, and the TV wobbled on its stand while I heard the train like sound move in from the ocean. I don’t know if it was related or not but the waves were huge over the next few days.

I had to make an appointment with my dentist since my last post. I began having some pain in one of my lower molars. He speaks very little English and my Spanish is as bad as his attempts at speaking my language. This time though, he had a voice program on his iPad that translated from English to Spanish and back. It was incredible how well it worked and put me at ease when I leaned he would have to use an anesthetic to work on the tooth. Everything went well and I am pain free now but I do have to return for a follow up appointment this week. The truly incredible part of this is how inexpensive dental work is here in Peru. My visit cost $15 and that included everything he did to fix the problem and a cleaning. There are a very few things that I do not like about Peru but the things that I do like far outweigh those.

I’ve met up with lots of my friends since my last post. The first was a coffee and lunch withSunset 10 Mark and Larry where we delved into lots of serious topics. My friend Mark is planning on selling his place Sunset 12and moving back to the US. I and his wide circle of friends will miss him greatly. The Saturday morning coffee and chat group finally met again. Only Larry and Carlo joined me for this one. We still had a few good laughs and covered the stuff we had done since our last meeting. I met Kathy for breakfast this past Sunday. It had been a few weeks since our last meeting. She is exercising and trying to get back in shape for Birds on the Beacha hip replacement surgery she has planned later this summer. We talked a lot of politics and still managed to part as great friends. I had cocktails with Mona and Kelly this past Friday evening via Facetime. Only a couple more weeks till they are off to Mexico for some time in the sun. I haven’t seen others (Azaad, Natalie, Jamie, Ada, Bob, Silvia, Dario, and Mahlon) for a while but I am keeping up with them here on FB and they are all doing fine and having a great time.

Well, that’s another post under the belt. I hope you enjoyed the read. Remember my mantra – GET UP, GET OUT, BE CREATIVE, USE IT OR LOSE IT! An active life is essential throughout your life. Have a great time friends and readers, enjoy your life.


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