Writing, Editing, and Publishing; Friends; Fun Stuff

Large 2.1Here I am again with another late post. At some point, I need to get back to my routine of posting once a week. The good thing, or not, depending on how much reading you want to do is that I have a lot of things to tell you about. First, as always, the writing on my Sunset 18newest book is progressing at a snail’s pace. Although the writing pace is slow, I am making excellent progress on the Bone Gap book. I am fleshing out the chapters I’ve already written and I believe, making it a better read. I want the reader to feel like they know the time and place where this story is taking place as well as becoming personally vested in the characters. Editing and adding to the content of the chapters Lima Center 2never ends for a writer. Writing a murder mystery that takes place around 1890 is definitely a challenge. The amount of research is almost overwhelming and every time I write a new sentence, it seems I have to do an internet search on one topic or another on that time period. It is time consuming but interesting at the same time. I hope to complete this book inLima Center 1 under a year, which means I need to spend more time writing and less time thinking about it.

In regards to “City of Death” my third book, it’s finally completed, the cover has been designed, and it’s ready for purchase on Amazon in print and for your Kindle. You can also order the print version on Create Space. It’s been a long road to get to this point and I imagine like every author, I’m nervous about how it will be Alicia and Coralreceived by my readers. Here’s the link to purchase City of Death on Amazon. If you purchase and read it, please do me the honor of leaving a review on Amazon.

I’ve met up with a few friends in the past couple of weeks. I met Larry and Mark at Bodega Verde for coffee and lunch a couple of times. Great conversation is always a hallmark of our meeting and we discussed some interesting topics in great detail. My friends Levi and Alicia Novey are visiting LeviPeru with their daughter Coral. I took a Mirabus tour to Lima’s historical center with them. I guarantee that my personal tours are a lot better and you get to see a lot more stuff. We drove through rush hour traffic to get there only to spend a small amount of time in Lima’s Cathedral, watch five minutes of the Color Church 6Palace Guards, and then get back on the bus to return to Miraflores. The Noveys are enjoying the jungle as of this writing. I’m hoping they have time to get together for a coffee before they head back to the US. I enjoyed cocktails with Mona and Kelly B&W Church 7last Friday and I got caught up on all the basketball action. They are counting down the days till they head to Mexico for their annual vacation. I haven’t seen anyone else but, as usual, thanks to Facebook, I know they’re all doing fine. In the past week, our power has been out for a full day while they put in new wires on the poles and we lost water for a half day shortly after that. Both resulted in trips to other areas of Lima to escape boredom and or thirst.

VB 33Last Saturday, there was a big two-day beach volleyball tournament in front of my apartment. They had two courts going, one for the women and one for the men. For the time that I watched, there were no mixed doubles. A huge crowd turned up for the event which I believe was sponsored by Red Bull. I took my big camera and sat through several matched, both male and female, trying to get some great action shots. A few of them are included in this post. They players were excellent and the VB 25matches exciting. Both the men and women had some serious vertical lift talent. I didn’t go on the second day, so I have no idea who won the tournament. It still made for a good afternoon’s entertainment. I hope they do it again.

Well, that’s it for another post. Remember my mantra – get up, get out, do something. Stay active physical and mentally; it’s very important. Have a great week everyone.


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