Write or Edit; Friends; Photography; Movie Review, The Revenant

Street Art 3WOW, and I thought I owed an apology with my last post. I found myself staring at a mindless game on my cell phone when I realized that it had been over two weeks since my Sunset 4last entry. Time, it’s like holding onto water. Well, at least I should have a lot to talk about in this one.

Let’s start out with the best news. Playa Cedros de VillaI’ve finally finished all the edits possible on my third book and have gratefully come up with what I think is a better title the “The Dumping Ground.” I’m going to call it, “City of Death.” In addition, I’ve loaded the text into Kindle and Create Space and all that is left to do is the design for the book’s cover. I have something in mind for it and once I’ve taken a suitable photograph, the rest should be easy. During other periods of the past two weeks I have worked on my fourth book, “Bone Gap Sunset 33Road, the Silk Ribbon Murder.” That’s a tentative title also and might change. The work now stands at a little over 12,000 words with 5½ chapters almost finished. I keep wanting to add more detail toStreet Art 4 the chapters, thus they are not quite complete yet. As I’ve mentioned before, this new book is a departure from my first three. It takes place in 1890 on the plains of Eastern Central Illinois around the towns of Albion and Bone Gap. I’ve already invested a lot of research into this new book and have truly enjoyed learning about the lives of people in this time period.

Sunset 28Sunsets, beach scenes, and some street photography have taken up the bulk of my time with photography. The sunsets here on the beach continue to be breathtakingSunset 24 and they are never the same from one evening to another. Recent walks through Barranco have enabled me to get some nice shots of flowers, the cityscape, some street art, and a few of some historical buildings. Barranco is still my favorite area of Lima despite its gentrification.

Street Art 6I’ve had multiple coffee and chat sessions with the gang in the past couple of weeks and a very nice lunch with friends Mark and Larry. It had been some time since I’d seen Mark and it was great catching up with him although he shared some devastating news that I will not bring up here in case he wants to notify friends on his own. One coffee and chat in particular was crowded when Larry, Carlo, Dario, Kathy, Charles and his wife, plus myself were all in attendance. The conversations traveledPlaya Silencio around the table so fast it was hard to keep up. I did have on cocktail session with Mona and Kelly but this past weekend, they were in Sunset 38St. Louis, Missouri for the MVC Basketball Tournament. I’ll find out how that went tonight. I’ve also traveled to the beaches to the south of Lima with Steve a couple of times where we stopped for some of Sarita’s delicious tamals. The rest of my friends here in Peru are doing fine. Haven’t seen some of them in far too long since I’ve missed a couple of parties, but their FB posts indicate they are living life to the hilt and enjoying Sunset 18it.

I saw the movie “The Revenant,” since the last post. What a brutal, savage, painful movie. There wasn’t much dialog in the move and most of it was in Native American. Pawnee was one of the ones mentioned. The movie was dark, depressing, predictable but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The scenes were stark in their Street Art 5reality and assuredly reflected the coldness of the characters and the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance was incredible but in my opinion there are other movies in which he starred where he deserved to win the Oscar more than this one. Regardless, if you plan to see it – be prepared!

Well that’s it for another one. I hope you enjoy the photos I am posting with this entry. You know my mantra – get up, get out, do something. Get creative mentally and physically. It will make your life more rewarding. Till the next entry, have a great time. Love to you all.


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