Books, Writing, Editing; Friends and Fun; Deadpool a review; Photography

Beach Goer 2First, an apology for the long delay in this post. I was sick the weekend before last and not only did I not write, I missed all my weekend meetings and a birthday party for a good friend. Sunset 18But, I’m all recovered now so I’ll catch you up on what’s been going on here in Lima, Peru. I’ve managed to add another chapter to the Bone Gap book and edited the previous four. I’m very happy with where the book is going and I have a general idea in my head about who my killer is and how they will be caught. I’m also beginning to think that my last editor will not be able to find the time to reread the book one last time. That means I will Sunset 9start the process of getting the book ready for publishing in the next week and should have it ready for purchase in mid-March. I’ll be glad when that process is done so that I can concentrate full time on the new book. Neither a writer’s nor an editor´s work is ever done. There comes a time when you have to say, it’s time to publish! Since I haven’t been Sunset 4able to come up with a better title, I will be going with “The Dumping Ground.”

My photography continues to focus on the spectacular sunsets we keep having here in the suburb of Chorrillos, Peru. The wide variance of partial cloud covering in the evening makes for some dazzling scenes as the sun drops into the ocean. I do still try to get out for a few Sailboatstreet shots and flower photos in the neighborhood. In addition, this coming week I intend to try a few more ideas for still life’s in black and white. I’m getting plenty of great feedback on my social media sites which keeps my spirits and enthusiasm high when I have the camera in my hand. I am using the camera in my Samsung S5 phone a lot more also. I am impressed with the quality of photos that come from using it.

This past week, Steve and I went to the movie, “Deadpool,” starring Ryan Reynolds. The movie was fun,Clouds exciting, and raucous. The Peruvians in the theater howled with laughter throughout most of the show. Although, I enjoyed the comedic aspects of the movie, they found it a lot funnier than I did. This surprised me since the theater was packed (me being the only foreigner in the crowd) and the movie was in English with Spanish subtitles. The action scenes were incredible, Sunset 14absolutely spectacular. I enjoyed the way the female hero and villain roles were portrayed, no stiletto heeled, perfect makeup, skinny models – kudos to the people who cast those roles. I’m looking forward to seeing Sunset 16this character in the movies again. Warning though – there is a lot of profanity in the movie and one explicit (although hilarious) sex scene. I give it 3.8 Llamas on my scale with a recommendation to see it on the big screen.

I had Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly with past Friday. Mona wasn’t feeling well; I think she was coming down with a cold. We still had a good time Sunset 6chatting and laughing while catching up on stuff from the past couple of weeks. The Bodega Verde crowd was also in good form. Larry, Dario, Lon, and Carlo joined me at the café for a round of excellent conversation and a few laughs. Afterwards, I took Dario to Wicks (an English style pub) for a couple of pints and some snacks to make up for missing his birthday party. Carlo joined us also and since this was my first visit to the Pub, I Sunset 10got the pleasure of meeting the owner and a couple of nice patrons. Carlo ordered the “English Breakfast” while we were there and it looked delicious while being quite generous in it portions. I might have to return there for a sample of the breakfast myself. My friend Kathy will be returning from the US this coming Friday. She tells me she’s had a fun but busy time while there. My friend Bob had a fainting spell (probably caused by a drop in BP) and got a nasty gash on his head. Fortunately, it happened in his home and he’s doing fine for now. His lovely wife Silvia and the rest of us will worry about him till the reason is found and fixed. Azaad and Natalie’s daughter Nadia will be starting back to school soon. They are doing well. Jamie and Ada are still slaving away selling his selection of American style meats. The rest are doing well according to all the FB entries.

That’s it for another post. I hope you all are staying active and creative. Get up, get out – use it or lose it. Have a great week everyone -till my next post.


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