Book Four and Editing on Three; Photography; Friends; Summer on the Beach in Peru

Yellow Hibiscus 1I’ve made some nice progress on book four in the past week. Besides some edits and additions to the first three chapters, I’ve writer 1500 words on chapter four. Already I’ve veered off my original plans for the main character. I’d originally Sunset 16planned on him being a buffoon, but have dropped that plan and will create some humor through his sidekick Watson, a dog. My main character has a thing for Sherlock Homes and C. Auguste Dupin. In addition, one of my readers has returned his comments on book three and I have fixed those grammatical errors. Just waiting for my last reader to finish and hear what he has to say and I’ll be ready to publish. Speaking of publishing, some time ago, I submitted a partial transcript to a publishing company, Grey Plant 2Gecko Press. From that first submission, they requested the first third of the book and after reading that – they requested the entire manuscript. I was excited but cautiously optimistic. After what I deemed an excessive amount to time, I contacted the company wondering why I hadn’t received a response. The head of the Birds 2company sent me an email almost immediately apologizing that I hadn’t received the notifications that they had sent. Unfortunately, they had rejected the book as is, but he also sent me the comments from at least seven of his professional editors/readers. They were extremely encouraging and the good comments far outweighed the bad. They de3finitely lifted my spirits but now I have to consider whether I want to revise my first book and resubmit (they said I could). If I edit in some of the changes, that will require rewrites on books two and three also. I am giving it some serious consideration though.

Sunset 30I had a good week with my photography. I processed over ninety photos and got in a couple of good walks in the process. The vast majority of them were of sunsets. They are so spectacular here on the beaches of Chorrillos, Peru that it is hard not to grab the camera every evening and shoot away. I had fun with the small studio Sunset 26shoot I did a couple of weeks ago and I might try to set up another one featuring other objects around the apartment. In addition, as much as I love B&W photography, I haven’t spent enough time using that setting on my cameras. So, I’ve made a couple of goals for myself this week with the camera. It’s time for another self-portrait too. I try to post a new one every year to track the changes as I age.

Sunset 12Summer on the beach in Chorrillos, Peru, WOW, all my friends in Southern Illinois will understand this – I thought the humidity was high in SI in August, well, I’m pretty sure it’s worse here. I don’t mind it so much because there is always a cool breeze coming in off the water but every morning there’s a layer of wet on everything. The beach is beautiful from a distance but up close it’s covered with bird feathers. Every day flocks and flocks of seabirds cruise up and down the beach in search of food. As a result, they shed a lot of Sunset 1feathers. The city, and in particular, the neighborhood of Cedros de Villa where I live, make no effort to clean the beach on a regular basis. Beachgoers here are fairly good at picking up after themselves but there is still lots of flotsam coming in on the waves. I’m still loving being here but I’m fairly sure I will be moving inland at the end of the rental contract.

Sunset 3Friday evening cocktails with Mona and Kelly zipped by we were having such a good time chatting. Red Hibiscus 2They are excited about their trip to Mexico coming up in April. Saluki basketball came up; they have slipped a little since their great start to the season. Saturday morning at La Bodega Verde was a crowded event. Larry, Carlo, Dario, Lon and Jim all showed for a round of stimulating conversation and discussion of Jim’s upcoming nuptials the plans for the reception. Politics, writing, cricket, and other topics took up out time. Azaad and Natalie are back in Lima and resting up from their vacation. Kathy is in the US now and taking care of some stuff that needs her personal attention. Mark had a big party this past weekend, unfortunately, it started after my bedtime but I saw a couple of photos that showed him having a great time. Jamie and Ada are doing good as are Bob and Silvia. Everyone else is doing fine or so they say on Facebook.

Well, another post is under the belt. I hope you have been staying active mentally and physically. Get up, get out, do something – anything. The adage of “use it or lose it” is most important when you start to age. Love you all, have a great week.


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